Wednesday, October 31, 2012

devotional wednesday by the olive tree

something that buzzes in my head is this: 

i think that we have all been guilty of this at one point or another... i suppose the 'i think' should be 'i know'... we are all sinners & are undeserving of God's grace, yet He loves us so much...

so, here's a challenge to you: serve Him more fully for the grace He's given... we'll do the 'challenge' together, because Lord only knows HOW MUCH work we all have to do! :) the fun thing about really trying to discipline yourself with things like this is that you begin to see your heart actually change for the Lord... the 'challenge' becomes easier... AND let me tell you, it's fun to look back on your life & see how God is molding & shaping you for His work!!!

loves in Him, 

happy halloween!

of course, i had to add a little 'harry potter' theme to this... DOBBY!

someday when we have a house... :)

halloween CHIC! yes, please!

you know how i love my 'funky nails'!

AGAIN with the harry potter... i know, right?!

love all the white, decorated 'shabby-chic' pumpkins i've seen... they're on my 'to-do' list when we have that house... :) :) :)

ooooh spooky, but darling.

SOOO cute. photo shoot, future kiddo!

i've been home sickypoo today... my coworkers dressed up today & i'm sure there were some SUPER-CUTE outfits that i can't wait to hear about! :)

happy SAFE halloween, 

funny: girls vs boys

this cracks me up. stuff girls can get away with that guys can't... 

innocent fun, right? i love it. 
girls can be quite "silly" & it cracks me up these boys are pokin' a little fun...

but who am i kiddin'? i'm sure i have some silly pictures like this, too!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


happy WEDNESDAY with a picture of me on my 20th birthday... :)

(silly, girly things i think when i see this picture)
-still love my NEON yellow belt, beeteedubs. 
-am going to try & get my hair back to that color... NATURAL... 
-perhaps my eyebrows, too? they looked SO GOOD here... before i did anything with them...
-this is in my old apartment... where adam & i met (we were neighbors across the hall -- cute).
-my head looks big for my body
-this was the year i actually started building confidence & digging on fashion (i was working at The Limited, which helped, i suppose)!
-i miss my long locks. real, real bad. they'll be back though... they'll be back. 
-you should see the top of my head. probably was a killer beehive hair-do on top (you have NO idea what i did with a bunch of my golden locks & a comb, back in the day...NO idea...)
-blue eyes. 

WEDNESDAY means middle of the week -- weekend is SO close to being here, right?!


who loves seeing family? well, i get to see mine for the next TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW. 

yes, please. 
i love that i love to see my family. 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

adam & jacie FLASHBACK.

so, since we've officially been married over ONE YEAR, i thought it may be fun to do some of our 'very first pictures' & our 'very recent pictures'... :)






this just made me smile, is all...


Monday, October 22, 2012

happy one year ANNIVERSARY to us!

as i got onto the computer today this is what i saw...
HINT: upper right hand corner!

"Wedding Day!!!" must have been put on our iCalendar & so it shot up with a 'reminder'! isn't that cute? it also popped up on adam's iPod & iPad last night... it gave us a chuckle. 

dear hunnie, 
 i love you & love that i get to spend the rest of our lives together!
here's to ONE YEAR!!! :) 
happy anniversary, husband! see you tonight!

for a little more about our anniversary, go HERE!
for some wedding pictures, go HERE!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

almost...ONE YEAR.

coming up soon (monday, to be exact), mr a & myself will be celebrating the big ONE YEAR anniversary... it's so super-duper crayZAY how fast it's went... seriously. i can only hope & pray that everyone's first year of marriage is/was as blessed as ours.
we've been trying to come up with some ideas of what to do...
go out to eat?
go on a mini-vacation?
talk about ALL the blessings the Lord has given us (my brother & sister do this)?
go through our 'box of stuff' (notes from when we first met, etc)?
watch our wedding video?
look at our wedding pictures & honeymoon book?
dance to our 'first dance song'?
oh how the possibilities are endless.
but more than anything, i just want to be with him. to shower him with love. and to tell him all day long how thankful i am that the Lord blessed me with a man such as he. i try to tell him these things anyways, but who says i can't use one more 'special' day to remind him!
so... we're CRAZYBAD wanting to know... what did YOU do for YOUR anniversary?

p.s. wanna see some wedding pictures? go HERE.
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