Tuesday, April 30, 2013

rainbow FOOD inspiration!


food for kids / rainbow kabobs, snack for party? @kristy robbins

so, here's what i want you to do... go to google, type in 'rainbow foods', be happy, thank me later.
you WILL thank me later. it's fun.


challenge: day 5-9


so... the first week of the challenge went by with flying colors! my mom drank pop & had a punishment...so instead of 4 1/2 hour walks...she had to do a 1/2 hour walk every single night...she still drank pop 2 other times & tried to laughingly blame it on someone else... oh mom, you can't fool me! :)
my sister lynds did good, except instead of walking 4 nights, she put the 2 hours of walking into 1 or 2 nights...and me...WHAT, WHAT? i win. i passed with flying colors, as i said. 

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE is given by lynds...here it is... 3 1/2 hour walks/runs...10 minutes of stretching before each one...only 1 sweet per day...veggies before EVERY lunch & dinner.... OOOOH. i usually stretch, but not 10 minutes... so today when i did it, i convinced myself i could tell a difference in my run! i actually think i did! it's not hard for me to eat veggies...at all...but making a conscience choice to every meal is hard. i guess i just don't think about it. to make things easier, pretty much all i'm eating is veggies...that way i won't forget & won't loose the challenge! i've pretty much cut out sweets & pop...for now! FOR NOW.

here's a recap of the last 5 days!

day 5: april 26
weight & measurements: can't find it :( 
i must not have done them this day... i ended up going home sick because i was feeling QUITE drat. i get a pass on this day, i'd say. 

i did: 
went to work for 4 hours & then slept for the rest...
AKA: nothing
drank 8 oz water

i ate:
1 banana
itty-bitty bowl (comparatively) of honey nut cheerios
mini mr. goodbar
1 piece of sausage & pepperoni pizza

day 6: april 27
today was a BIG day of eating & fun. i was feeling just fine again, which was great...and had my sister's baby shower. yes, lots of food. i did...eh.

weight & measurements: i weighed myself, but didn't put much stock in it...because it's a different scale (at my mother-in-law's) & i like MY scale...lol, sounds dumb, but whatever. plus, it's the weekend. and i was away...and i just didn't, okay?! :)

i did:
walked 1/2 hour - 1 hour with puppies & husband...it was awesome!

i ate/drank:
3 cups crystal light pink lemonade
2 cups crystal light raspberry ice
Ham cheese sanwhich
Turkey sandwich
Turkey & ham sandwich
Mixed fruit
2 Mints
1 sausage & green olive pizza
1 spaghetti pizza
1 breadstick with sauce
1 bottle of water
2 koolade burst

day 7: april 28
weight & measurements: still at mom-in-law's, so i didn't measure.

i did: 
jogged 1 mile
jogged & walked 3 miles

i ate:
1 stax
1 look-aid burst
Mixed fruit
16.9 oz water
Turkey & ham sandwich
1/2 cupcake
2 French fries
32 oz water
Bag of popcorn with kernel seasons nacho cheese, white cheddar, kettle corn

after day 7 (going 4 miles), i found out my shorts were apparently TOO short...they were VS Pink ones...ummm, my thighs weren't having it & MAJOR CHAFFING happened, people. ouch. ouch is RIGHT. not doing that again. i waddled home like a penguin...and i woulda ran MORE, but it hurt too bad. so, i got out my cooly-dooly biker shorts to run in tonight! no more chafing! BOOYAH.

$10 or $14 at wal-mart last year...i'm going to look for more. maybe tjmaxx...cheapies...i'm cheap.

and of course, what else do you need to complete your stunning work-out emsemble (besides biker shorts?!)...a tight pony. the end.

day 8: april 29
Weight 173.8/170.4
Bust: 31
Belly button: 33.5
Tummy: 38
Hips: 40.5
Thigh: 24.5
Arm: 11.5

i did:
NOTHING! day off; after work, adam & i headed to his church softball league! GO FEDS!

i ate/drank:


Bel vita chew
64 oz water
Broccoli, rice & cheese
3 Ham & cheese sandwich
Broccoli & ranch
Swig of  shake

day 9: april 30
weight: 173.8/169.4 (WHAT, WHAT?! under 170!)
weight @ the doctor (physical): 173.4 (with clothes & shoes)
bust: 31
belly button: 33.5
tummy: 38
hips: 40.5
thigh: 24.5
arms: 11.5

i did:

jogged 1 mile
walked & jogged 1 mile back home

i ate: 
64 oz water
2 bananas
broccoli w/ cheese & noodles
more steamed broccoli & cheese


Thursday, April 25, 2013

challenge: day 4

day 1 & 'the challenge'
day 2 eating cupcakes
day 3 eating cake & being called jiggly

without further ado...TODAY!
day 4: april 25
weight: 173.4/170
bust: 32
belly button: 3205
tummy: 37.5
hips: 41
thigh: 24
arm: 11

(i do this EVERY morning, first thing after going to the little girl's room & brushing my teephers; right now it must just depend on if i'm breathing in or out, AH!)

i did: 
*NO running...uhhhm...no nothing*
*drank approx 24 oz water*

i ate: 
crackers, bread & veggies w/ dip! YUM.
1 chicken pillow (this was the end of these...)
1 chocolate kiss

all different dips & such! it was a girl's last day at work, so there was a ton of food in x-ray that some girl shared with me! YUM! i hadn't eaten lunch with our busy day, so the was GREAT!

today was a FULL day. we had a funeral to go to, which meant going to work for 1 hour...changing out of scrubs into 'funeral clothes' at work...going to meet adam...carpooling to the funeral...going back to our meeting place (adam's work)...finding out that i had a flat tire...adam trying to fill it up...us hearing/feeling it leaking...adam bringing it to a car place...said car place not being able to fix it (we need a new tire, but they won't get any until tomorrow)...

FASTFORWARD to i get off work...have to bring adam to pick up my broken car, so we can get it to a different car place that DOES have a tire they can put on it... we're at the 1st car place & they fill up the *STILL LEAKING* tire & say it'll make it until we get to the other carplace. okay. we go. we get 5(ish) minutes from & the tire is FLAT. no driving on that rim... OH & we told them we'd be there by 5:30...it's quickly approaching as we're pulled off on the side of the road & adam's putting the donut on. well...then the tire WILL NOT come off. won't budge. after 5-10 minutes of pulling, prodding, kicking, husband gets it off & the donut on... MY MUSCLES MAN! we arrive at car placae #2 at 5:34 & they say they'll still fix it. THANK YOU, LORD (really, though).

we have our car back safe & sound. now i clean around a bit, we shower, i get stuff ready for a baby shower this weekend...and now i'm here blogging. i need to clean more & get a church survey done yet. i should do some packing, but NAH. later, i say. :) so, that's my excuse for no running or anything. plus, i'm 3 days out of 4 to complete the running/walking part of the challenge this week.


challenge: day 3

come on the journey with me!

DAY 3! still in happy spirits, but definitely TIRED!

here's my day 3 "progress"...
day 3: april 24
weight: (depending where i stood it was different...wierd!) 1st: 173.4/2nd: 170
bust: 33
belly button: 33.5
tummy: 37.5
hips: 40
thigh: 24

i did:
*i jogged 1 mile by myself*
*i walked/jogged 1 mile home*
*i drank approx 40 oz of water*
*crunches & arm things (idk what they're called)*
*bunch of stretching*

i ate:
6 oz chobani yogurt
a large piece of cake
5 broccoli trees w/ light ranch
turkey & cheese sammich (w/ butter-YUM)!
a few pieces of trail mix

perks of working at a doctor's office...ESPECIALLY when he makes A DELISH cake for his birthday...

husband even got to taste some! :)

so...on my run...minding my own business & i pass 3 little 13 year old boys on their skateboards...no biggy. and then...i'm on my way back from my run...and come across them again. i see them all staring at me & i'm like, "okay, weird". THEN, right as i get past them i hear, "Yeahhh, giggle, giggle..." then i thought about it...no, that's not what they said... they said, "Yeahhh, jiggle, jiggle!"


i didn't really think about it for a second... i just processed. there's really only 3 reasons they would have said that; they are as follows:

1. they're looking at some lady goods -- that they shouldn't be...and EWW.
2. they're admiring a little extra jiggly fat that i have on my bones...mean.
3. they're 13 year old boys...it doesn't matter if i was 78 pounds or 300 pounds...they would've made a comment...just to.

so...i think about it & contemplate turning around... i decide NAY. i text my family & was just like, "UH, seriously?!" so on my way home, i'd been thinking, "How would Jesus handle a situation like this?" okay, i doubt anyone yelled, "jiggle, jiggle" at Jesus, but...people yelled & did MUCH worse things to him... and He turned the other cheek... or calmly have a conversation with them. by the time i had gotten home, i decided that i was getting right back in the car & having a talk with these little ones. i walked in the door & said, "Hunnie, i'm going to go back & see if they're there."
adam says, "okay, i'm right behind you. what are you going to do, jace?"
"i'm not going to yell at them or get in their face. just tell them how disrespectful & not funny they are...regardless of what they meant by it. they're either gross, mean, or just dumb."

that's of course a shortened version, but...we got in the car & left. it'd been raining & they'd skated on home. which was fine... no biggy. but our town is small & i'm sure we'll see them again & have the opportunity to chat. 

we had also decided that they could either apologize then OR if they didn't want to do that...one of those lucky little ones could be followed home, so we could chat with mom & dad. as husband says, they're 'so tough' in groups, but when you get one alone...they cower pretty quickly. i know that if someone approached me & said my kid was saying/doing something dumb like that, it would be an issue that would definitely be dealt with...

but that's the other thing... you never know what sort of parent you're going to get... one that cares would do something & appreciate knowing & handle accordingly. but we all know there's ones who, "boys will be boys"... "no harm, no foul"... "they're just kids..."
MAYBE SO. BUT...they're growing up to be little men. where are they seeing this from? who's saying this is okay? no, this is NOT okay, no matter which option they meant. i understand that sometimes things happen (i'm sure adam &/or i said loads of dumb/unnecessary things to people as kids), but there is an influence that is coming from SOMEWHERE.

SOOO...if we got a parent who was appreciative: great.
if we got a parent whom wasn't: great. next time your child decides to say something like that to me as i'm running...since YOU don't want to deal with it, we can call the police. i'm sure harassment doesn't look too kindly on a 13 year old boy's record.

and now that i'm seeing what i'm writing...it sounds like i'm really worked up or something. I'M NOT. i repeat, i'm not. just ask hubs, pretty calm one here. these are just all of the things that adam & i discussed last night & i'm trying to do better at getting all of my thoughts down! :)

anyways, your JIGGLY (whatever that means) j

challenge: day 2

to read about this challenge & day 1, go HERE!

here is my "progress"... 
DAY 2: april 23
weight: 173
bust: 32.5
belly button: 33.5
tummy: 39
hips: 40
thigh: 24.5
arm: 11.5

i did:
*i jogged 1 mile with trumanators*
*i walked/jogged 1 mile back home with truman*
*i drank approx 88 oz of water*

i ate:
6 oz chobani yogurt
2 5/8 oz rold gold pretzels
1cornbread cupcake (yeah...)
1/2 smores cupcake (yeah, yeah...)
1/2 raspberry razzle dazzle cupcake (yeah, yeah, yeah...)
4 mini e'claires
1 chocolate chip cookie
1/2 cup trail mix

yes...days like this is why i jiggle a bit...AHHHH.

sweaty girl + vampire dog = great tuesday night

here's to receding hair lines on a GIRL at 24! whoop, whoop!

truman was feeling a little camera shy...

so...there you have it! day 2... does anyone know any good calorie counter websites? i think i might do one...i have a couple suggestions from people at work, too! here's the thing... when you have something 'homeade' or something that doesn't give all the nutritional info...how in the world do you figure it out?! THAT'S WHERE IT THROWS ME...!

so...here's what i'm doing... eating when i'm hungry...and not eating when i'm not! pretty easy & not so many 'rules'! 


Monday, April 22, 2013

challenge: day 1

so... as you know, i'm trying to take up running... again.

well, my mom, sister & myself decided it was time to loose a little weight...and decided it'd be best to do it together! so...we today was the 1st day of our challenges... 

here's how it works: 
one of us picks the "challenge". it includes something to do with eating & something to do with exercising... so, i started the challenges. i sent them out a text with this week's challenge (walking/running for 30 minutes x4 days out of the week; NO pop...at all & at least 8 oz of water per day). then next Sunday night, either my mom or my sister will text the new challenge, of their choice. 

pretty easy, but also pretty hard. i started off fairly easy because it's hard to get in the habit of working out/not drinking pop (i hardly drink it anymore though, so it's okay for me).

anyways, to try & hold myself accountable, i thought i'd post my progress on here! i'm laying it all out there...i really hope to see progress...in my appearance & the way i feel... SO HERE WE GO!

day 1: april 22
weight: 174.4
bust: 32
bra: 34C/36C/34D
belly button: 35
tummy: 39
hips: 41
size shirts: usually M or L
pants: usually 10/12

i did:
*i jogged 1 mile with truman*
*i walked/jogged 1 mile back home with truman*
*i drank approx. 64 oz of water*

i ate:
6 oz chobani peach yogurt
1 bag jimmy john's chips, regular
1 piece of hershey's milk chocolate
2 chocolate chip cookies
1 slice of sausage/green olive pizza

i'm not quite sure where to measure or what is right, but i came up with my own measurements! so there you go! i know you're not 'suppose to' weigh yourself or whatever everyday...but i am going to take my measurements & weigh myself every morning. i feel like that will help me start the day off focused & aware that i need to take it 'one day at a time'. and then it will help me be like, "do i really NEED that extra starburst or chocolate?" :) 

side note, i love to eat... and i'm definitely NOT one to deprive myself. and i'm also going to still keep eating sweets (unless i have to give it up for THE CHALLENGE), but in moderation. one thing that's REALLY tough for me is just eating until i'm satisfied...not OVERindulging & eating until i'm full...sure, i will do that AGAIN & AGAIN, but it's a work in progress. 

plus, i've been thinking a lot about our bodies being in good shape to serve the Lord. 
think about it this way: if you're morbidly obese or grossly undernourished or whatever (sidenote, just 'cause someone is skinny, does NOT mean you're healthy...), are you going to be able/willing/as anxious to go help on that mission's trip? or help with church clean-up? or help with a building project? or get on the floor & play for children's church? just a thought that our bodies ARE actually a temple for the Holy Spirit... AND His work. and this is not me 'condemning' because I FAIL AT OVERINDULGENCE & GLUTTONY ALL THE TIME. all i'm saying is that it's something to be aware of...and to work on. in a culture where we don't really view that as wrong...or are so worried to 'judge' something to be wrong...maybe we should be a little lot more critical. i really, REALLY, REALLY need to focus on that every single day. 

like i said, I LOVE FOOD. 

this started quite some time ago, but adam & i started to think about it again last week... we are the teachers every couple weeks in Children's Church... we were teaching the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego... not the one with the lion's den...the one with FOOD. basically, the king was trying to get them to eat/drink his 'royal' food... they declined & did a little 'test'. they compared the strength of the people who ate the king's food for 10 days vs the strength of the people who at the food God commanded. guess who was stronger? more fit? more ready to go?

the one's who at the food God commanded. 

i strive to be more like this. get a little more good in my tummy & a little less bad. isn't it also wonderful that when we're trying to teach little ones about these things...it's a good reminder unto ourselves? :) God is good. 

some outfit pictures from this Sunday after church...that double as 'beginning' of what body looks like pre-challege/focusing on working out & eating...

oh...also, truman wanted to say HI!

not a HUGE fan of this outfit, but i had to throw something together like QUICK! also, getting used to my fading tan... now that i haven't been tanning x1 month. oh, syds. 

syds sniffing me...and also those shoes... like $3.50 at Gap! bam. sister & i got matching.

see how much fun it is over here?

he's reflecting.

the end. i appreciate all the encouragement/prayers/ideas/challenges you can throw my way! :) 


Saturday, April 20, 2013

here's to not liking to run...

no secret: i don't like to run. at all. i think i've told you this before...

here's the thing. i'm at the beginning stages of running again. i run...then i stop for a while...then run for a while...then stop for a while...

BUT...i DO feel better when i run. i hate it...but after i do it, i feel better. i feel like i'm doing something & not just being a big pile on the couch. and i see progress. in my breathing, in my distance, in my time, in my body... and lately, let's say i've had one too many starbursts. i need to do something before i get out of control.

not only do i want to be more healthy, but a main motivation is the way i look...for my husband. honestly, that's really one of my only concerns. i feel better about myself, but i want him to love the way i look, too! i mean, i know he does...no matter what, of course, but one thing i don't want to do is let go much at all...and i haven't done well at that lately...

sure, i'm not grossly 'obese' or anything like that, but i don't want to be either. and getting my booty up & off the couch will ensure that! and i know that i'll thank myself later...and so will husband!

ready to conquer running...again.

THIS is the face of someone who does NOT really want to go for that run...

my SWEET tights from 7th/8th grad track...yeah, seriously. AND A TRUMAN & SYDNEY!

things you need to be a successful runner:
*an old high school softball hoodie*
*and old nike swish headband from middle school/high school era*
*an pair of track tights from the 7th/8th grade that are still in great condition*
*a beaten up pair of SHOX that have got lots of use in restaurants*
*2 puppy dogs to help you get amped up*

and there you have it... if you have these things, you're golden! :) enjoy your run!


PS...i kinda miss the days of HS sports where you had someone yelling at you & pushing you to GO HARDER, RUN HARDER, RUN FASTER...etc etc etc. i really need to work on this whole self-disciplene thing... :)

happy saturday!

what a day it's been!
how about you? how has your saTURDay been? 

how to have a successful saturday in our household:
*sleep in...until the dogs wake you up*
*go back to bed after you take the dogs out & feed them*
*sleep some more*
*get up & do whatever you want the remainder of the day*

and you know...that's exactly what we did! :) 

as you know, it was my birthday quite recently...husband got me all sorts of goodies & we had a GREAT day...! it was also Easter, so BAM! anyways, one of the things that we've done the last 3 years is painting pottery. the first year we did it, then we went to the lake & then...HE PROPOSED! :) sweet, right? yup... last year we decided to make a large popcorn bowl with all the things we'd done during that year...we put all sorts of stuff about the engagement, the wedding, the honeymoon, etc. we decided to do this annually. 

well, the weekend of my birthday, we were going to go down to my mom & dad's saturday & sunday (for Easter). mr. husband wanted an 'us night' (i know, gasp, sweet right?). so, friday night, we ventured off to dinner & decided on the movies... the original plan was to go to paint the pottery, but we realized we really couldn't think of that much we'd done this year! AH! so, we spent dinner making a list & decided we'd paint later. well, today was the day! it was a BLAST!

delayed satisfaction...we have to wait a week until they can do whatever they do with it...bake it or something...?! then we can pick it up! and we'll have a nice little bowl set! can't wait to show you pictures!

until then, you'll just have to settle with pictures of me & my outfit! :) 

as i was cropping this picture, i noticed a little truman in the right corner. cracked me up...just had to keep him in there! "whatcha up to, mommy?"

vs jacket $20 (had a giftcard, so FREE, bam!)
vs neon orange tank $5 (had a giftcard, so FREE, bam!)
vs gold chain $5 (semi-annual, perfect!)

my FAVORITE earrings! thanks, younkers!

HAHA. the ring...yes, it has a basketball on it. when we were dating, husband won it/got it & brought it to me out of a little machine-thing. things like this make me smile. who cares who sees me & thinks, "why in the world is she wearing a basketball ring?" uh, people...because it's GREAT!

and that's all... hope you all had a very happy saturday!

here's to puppydogs in the corner of pictures, 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

cool things at barnes & noble!

these are pictures i took back at the beginning of december on a little shopping trip! i'm trying to go through all of my pictures, so i can document my life for the future & little ones & just because & for me & the hubs, but i do tend to get a bit behind! bare with me! :)

a delicious frappuccino blended beverage! honestly, i prefer caribou coffee, but this'll do! especially when i have a giftcard! BAM!

 i think these are some little treasures. i'm a sucker for things 'vintagey-looking'. truth be told, i'd probably never even read these... they just look neat! :)

and i thought this little thing was cute for a little lady someday! and how easy it'd be to make! :) it was at tjmaxx, not barnes & noble, but oh well!

happy 4 months late!

found the EXACT onesie pictured above at GOODWILL the other day... i was SO close to buying it, but the green tulle was like a brick & wouldn't feel good scratching little baby's skin...oh goodwill...i love you so!

Monday, April 15, 2013

bonjovi outfit...and concert.

so, as you know, the BonJovi concert was last night! i thought i'd show you a little outfit SINCE i'm out of my usual...scrubs, no makeup, no hair did! :) we did end up leaving around 9:30. we were SO HUNGRY... wanted to get some grub at applebees (plus it's 1/2 price apps after 9 AND we had a gift card - BAM!). and i mean, they'd already played the 2 or 3 songs we knew... :)

you're going to see about what seems like a billion pictures...because i was trying to take pictures with my photobooth, but seriously...this picture business is tough without a camera! :) ours is broke. sad face. enjoy!

my brother wanted to facetime me... this is the picture i sent him reminding him we were at the concert... :) it's the only picture i got at the concert on account of my phone takes lousy pictures & my camera is broke... :)

since i'd taken a 3 hour(ish) nap after church, before the concert... and had JUST ate... i was wide-eyed & bushy-tailed after the concert. so...there you go!

trying to show you my cool graphic tee. it was my father-in-law's before he passed away. apparently, it was a movie that was filmed back around where they're from! 

when going to a rock concert... dress like this...
*click link to go where i got them*


trying to get a picture with the iPod before we leave. God bless my husband...really, he's so patient while playing 'photographer'.

sweet leather jacket i got when i used to work at The Limited.

trying to get a good picture showing you the outfit. the lighting was harsh, so now you get all the pictures! :)

YEEEEEEEEAAAAAH! my NEW leather messenger satchel that i'm in LOVE WITH! and will last me for YEARS! no, seriously... it will.


happy monday night! :) 
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