Friday, March 30, 2012

ATTN: dolls

so, bettys... i think these pictures are pretty darn cool. don't get me wrong, i would never-ever do this as everyday make-up thing... BUT, if you have a dress-up day at work, are taking the kiddos out trick-or-treating, team-spirit day, homecoming...the lists are endless...i think these are soooo darn F-U-N.


one thing that i'm super-deeee-duper jazzed about is FOURTH OF JULY! i lololololoooove the 4th. for the last 3 years or so, we go to my husband's hometown, sit along the mississippi, watch the air show, hang out, etc... it's A-TO-THE-MAZING. i'm getting excited just thinking about it... i was super-duper jazzed this year though because i had my outfit picked out at the 4th of July last year. i saw this girl wearing a 'flag' bandana... so, i found one for $1.99 at hobby lobby... plus, i had an awesome plain white dress... hollister for $30 or $40... and then... to top it all off...DRUMROLL, PLEASE...


and these.

BAM. find them here: go there... get some for eff.youuu.enn.

now, i haven't tried them yet, but i do have to say... i'm super excited to. the only boogery thing that happened now, is the 4th landed during the week... and since it's like a 3 hour drive to adam's hometown, who knows if we'll be able to go... on a weeknight. that doesn't sound like much fun. 6 hours worth of driving in a 12 hour span... well, we'll just see how it all pans out.

glitter & fun make-up,

my birthday is TOMORROW!

i am super crazaaaay super-de-duper annnnxious/excited to be off of work today... why, you ask? BECAUSE... I HAVE THE BEST HUBS EVVVVVER! and it's my birthday tomorrow...and because he's planning something special...and i have no idea what it is... and the celebration starts tonight! okay, insert deep breath here... i'm so stinkin' jazzed! so, the other night while i was sick, he kept me in the living room & went into the bedroom & wrapped presents for an hour or so... it was so cute. he came out with a sad face & said, 'the paper is see-through'... i got him 'not see-through' paper... he went back in & finished wrapping. gosh, moments like that...sweet things he does...melt my heart over & over... so anyways, super excited because he said he wanted to wrap it early so i could walk by it & get more & more excited... the cool thing is that he said, 'as soon as we get home on friday...i want you to sprint & open the present up!' i'm so excited... months ago he asked what i wanted... i just said that i didn't care... just something sweet. plan a day or something... so, 'best husband ever' has something up him sleeve & i am so excited. little kid in a candy store excited! :) anyways... i'm getting myself more & more worked up... TWENTY.THREE here WE come...! yeow!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

being sick + etsy!

you know when you're sick & you just can't fall asleep, lay on the couch/bed, get comfortable...etc, etc... because you've been doing it for the last 2 days... and if you drink one more sip of oj, you'll burst!? well, that's been me (except for the o.j. part -- love me some o.j.)... my husband has been the best nurse...i mean, best EVER! making, or trying to make, delicious supper (i joke, babes...) & making sure that i am laying down & resting... but i just needed to do something...anything. so, i found some time to edit pictures & upload to etsy (sitting/laying, of course)... 

enjoy & i hope your feeling not sick!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i am sick. it is no fun. i ended up still coming to work because well, frankly... i don't have enough PTO to be sick & an other girl is already sick. so, we're short-staffed already PLUS i bought some sudafed last night, but it's not kicking in. trying to get lots of POM juice in me... i usually buy bolthouse farms, but they totally increased the price at the store i went to... like over a dollar -- no way, jose. my husband is such a good husband. he was seriously taking care of me the whole night, checking up on me, etc. i even heard truman bark & adam was like, 'truman! quiet!' it was super sweet. ah, good hubs, good hubs. i have a tendency towards ear/sinus infections... my ears keep popping, i was sweating all night, runny nose...the whole nine yards. anyways, as i'm sure you gathered, i can talk forever. so, i'm going to stop, suck on my cough drops, drink my POM & take it easy at work. xs, os & a big red runny nose, j

Monday, March 26, 2012

cozy chilly days.

these are a few of my favorite things on a chilly day (or just in an icy cold room) or when you're starting to get a bad case of the sniffles...
the north face denali fleece hoodie (dark gray/light gray below)

truth be told, i've been drooling over some North Face jacket for a while... but, like our pastor was saying last Sunday, we need to be more content (and that's the shortened version...:) ) so anyways, there was no way that we were going to be willing to pay around $200+ for a coat -- YEOW! plus, it's not like my winter coat isn't sufficiant... it is... and it's super-de-duper cutesy...STILL! what do i mean by 'still'? i have had my winter coat since i was about a junior in high school... it was a $200 abercrombie coat that my parents scored for like $80 on ebay! BAM! brand new with tags & everything! it's but i just wanted an update, esp since the seams are started to get a little tired... so anyways, this coat... we got it this weeked... it was $180. eh, no thanks... on sale for $120. eh, still no thanks. how about taking another 40% off of that?! yeah, i think we can do that! so, i got a brand new winter 'coat' for like $78! score. i wanted black, but they had this one & the more .i think about it, it's prob a good idea because black would get puppy hair all over it. and i should branch out. i wear black ALL.THE.TIME. they even had a matching one for mister husband, but we decided that he wouldn't wear it unless i told him to & he had other hoodies/coats that he hearts more. so, we didn't get it. he told me that we were going to be laying in bed that night & i was going to regret it. he might be right. maybe i'll have mom-in-law pick it up. us in our cute little matching northfaces. snazzy.
ugg australia ansley (in black)
got these bad boys for Christmas from my brotha & sissssta... sweet, eh? i had never given into the 'ugg hype'... i thought it was just a fashion trend & wasn't going to bother spending unneccesary oogles of money on something like that. but i was curious. so, i put it on my list...just to try. whatever, it's Christmas & i didn't know else to put. um, once i slipped these badboys on my foot -- i knew i was in for monster trouble. i knew my feet would never go back. i immediately started searching for an ugg tall boot. and my mom & dad were going to get me some jordan boots, but it was a scam site, so they still wanted to get me something. i took that portion of moolah & put it towards some new uggs! BAM!
ugg australia tularosa route detachable boots (in black & gray)


these badboys are like hugs for your feet. i don't know what else to say... ummm, i got these on sale + free shipping at victoria's secret... AAAYYYmazing. i mean, they were still a hefty penny, but you know, i'll get years + years + more years outta 'em & they're good quality, so i'm alright with that. i wear them ALL.THE.TIME. the only negative is... if you walk/shuffle like me... prepare to be shocked when you touch metal. insert my sad faces HERE. :( um, another good thing... they fold up, so you can wear the knit part as a tall knee-high with leggings (supppaaaa cute FYI) or you can detach it all together & just have your basic black UGG! so basically three in one, right? that's how i justified it... :)
starbucks white peppermint mocha
honestly, i don't even think this picture looks that good, but boy oh boy are these taaaaaaaaasty. nom nom. sit on the couch, snuggle with your hunnie, puppy, or some movies & sip. perfection.
movies (whatever genre tickles your fancy)
cuddle up, sit back & relax.
nothing cozier than candles... oooooh! esp in a bubble bath -- YES! my candle of choice for the cold, wintery season is an amazing one from bath & body -- i scored it on semi-annual, but now i can't remember the name. i will investigate & let you know laaataaaa! :) it smells like a friggin' pine tree...AAAAymAZING. i used to work at the LIMITED & they had this fragrence that was unlike any other i had smelled... piney but perfumey... and i couldn't find it again. they only sell it around Christmas & then they stopped. but when i stumbled upon this, well...i wish i woulda bought that out. i'm not even exaggerating. ask my husband.
highschool/college alma mater hoodies/sweats (these are the best as long as they still fit! :) )
orrrr, just rock some oversized vickies gear... tight cute little things can be worn, but for extreme comfort, get something you'll swim in & enjoy. you can thank me later! :)

other things for cozy, chilly, 'getting sick' days (check my name for the last one...)
-a nice pillow
-furry friends (as in pets...or your fav stuffed animal)
-24.7 million blankets
-kleenex (oh, vicks are good)
-my friends here are saying 'sudafed' behind the counter... the kind you show id for? hmmm...
-warm socks

i think i've exhausted my 'sicky/cold list'... any suggestions? comment below! i'd love to hear from you!

sniffles, hugs & blankets,


just wanted to give a little love to a little 'eye-candy' love in my life: glitter... enjoy & just try not to smile when looking at these! :)


[glit-er]verb (used without object)

1. to reflect light with a brilliant, sparkling luster; sparkle with reflected light.
2. to make a brilliant show.

i think i'm going to start using the word glitter more. it's just so happy! :)

i can just see my husband, adam, and big brother, justin, rolling their eyes right now... they always say glitter say how they hate glitter (justin even warned adam of my love of glitter in his groomsman speech)! it's spreads & you can never ever get rid of it... as for me, when i had my own apartment, if i had a little glitter left over or even just for fun, i would sprinkle it everywhere! it's just so happy! make fun all you want, but if something as teeny-tiny as glitter is a smile-maker, i'll take it! :)

a lovely weekend.

what an AAAAAYYYYmazing weekend. seriously. i haven't had a weekend that relaxing in a.long.time. no alarms. that's right -- let me repeat -- NO ALARMS. all weekend, you ask? yeah, no alarms ALL WEEKEND. husband & i just relaxed... well, i did... he had an 'alumni basketball tournament' & if i may say so myself, he is the superstar... seriously, he's so good & it's so fun to watch him move. when he feels challenged or upset, it drives him even further & he gets his ball on... so cute. such a proud little wifey! :) superstar husband was going up for a wicked-smart foul & took a hard, hard fall... poor hubs ribs, hips & elbows are pretty sore today... i started rubbing his arm & had to stop it hurt! he never says to stop with a massage, so you know it must hurt pretty bad if that's the case! poor bug!

what else happened this weekend... OOOH, celebrated an early bday with mom-in-law... a little secret: I.JACIE.LOVE.BUTTONS. don't ask me why -- i don't know... all i know is they make me happy. and there are so many crafting possibilities with buttons. they are so different. so fun! so, anyways...she gets my buttons all the time & i lolololoooove it! i also got my favs... LINDT LINDOR WHITE CHOCOLATE... oh my goodness--so SO good. she gave me a whole tin full -- i was lovin' it... and i got some stickers for my etsy projects & money... such a gracious mama...

and food -- so much good food this weekend. spagetti pizza? yes, please! new hole-in-the-wall-hometown-homeowned restaurants?! yes, please! lots of hugs & sleeping in with the puppies -- best.weekend.ever.


xs.os.buttons.happy colors.lotsa love,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

truman & sydney

i just had to send a little blog love to our babies... truman & sydney... beeteedubs, their 'official' names are Doctor Truman Smith & Princess Sydney of Edinborough. my husband picks good names, huh? anyways, they are good little friends. tru (truman, trumanators, big cat, wicked beast & many other nicknames) is a great friend to daddy & mommy & is a great big brother. syds (little cat, sydneysquidheadword & other nicknames) is a great friend to anyone who looks at her & a great little sister. she has ample amount of kisses that are just searching frantically for a home on somebody's...anybody's cheekers!


besides husband & i being besties, they are our besties as well... to be quite honest, they were out 'best man' & 'maid of honour' in our wedding... we had all of our brothers & sisters stand up with us, didn't wanna pick, so just decided they could have the 'special honor' that day... they were so excited when we told them. they even got gifts like the rest of our bridal party... :)

anyways, loves to truman & sydney...
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