Saturday, February 22, 2014

oh fun today.

so, a friend & i started saturday morning Bible study at a new coffee, right?...this saturday is going to be a tidge different because one of our other friends is moving (AND having a  baybay)... so, here's what  i have planned... 

they are coming to the ciiiitay that i live in & we're going to a little coffee shop (i'm getting a box of donuts before -- i've been craving). then, we're bringing our coffee & donuts home & we're going to surprise our friend with hair bow, hair piece, tutus making craft day (i'm going to have her look on  pinterest/etsy for ideas)! i have SO much stuff in my craft room & i bought a bunch of hair clip things last night! 

SO, be looking for a post soon of hair goodies we're making! :) who knows!? maybe i'll get an itch & want to sell them on my etsy!

this is me today... :) getting ready to go get donuts & coffee (BOGO coupon, wooh!)

it's not too often that i wear makeup (isn't makeup a crazy thing?!), so when i do, i take a picture... sill i know, but oh well! anyways, it's 15 minutes 'til these goofy gals are going to be here, so wish us luck that we make some of the coolest hairsies in the world! :)

PS! then we're going to this huge baby shower thing AND THEN i have this essential oils informational meeting thing i'm going to... busy day, busy day... oh why oh way do i wait to do my homework until night time/Sunday?! oh, jace...sorry, a whole nother random thought! :) i get to do that when i get home! 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

throwback thursday: snow day!

in honor of the blizzard in progress, i thought i'd share some pictures of a snow day adam & i shared about 6 years ago! it was car couldn't get out & i couldn't have been happier to call work & tell them i wasn't coming in! i got to spend the best day having the most fun with this cat!

check out how high that is on his apartment door (way before we got married -- so weird to say 'his' apartment, now, haha)! he said he thinks it got 14 inches!

and of course the night before we had been out having a snowball fight! isn't this a cool pic we got?

happy snow day & happy throwback thursday!

my heart is in a puddle on the floor...

...because husband melted it. 

so, we had our 'Winter Party' for work a couple weeks ago... we sat & talked with a coworker/friend of was wonderful. i loved getting to talk & know her more... 

well, today as i was heating up my leftover sausage & pepperoni noodle bake (haha), she was like, "So, Jacie...I was meaning to ask...I totally understand what Adam brings to your life with keeping you 'grounded' & stuff...and I was curious what all you bring to him?" woah...what a great question... i gave her my two cents, but told her i would definitely ask husband & report back to her promptly! :)

by the time i got home, i'd forgotten exactly what the question was (the above is a general guess, too), but i tried to formulate the best i could for husband... he said since he wasn't exactly sure if there was a more specific question or not, but here's the first thing he said:

him: this is quite general, just make me a better person
me: how?
him: just by being you
me: but how exactly
him: laughs (because i tend to ask the same questions over & over) and then... you make me a better person just by being you. i have never met anyone at all who makes me be better like you do

okay, so, he never told me how, but he says that once i talk to my friend & get a more specific question that she wants, he can elaborate...apparently there is just soooooooooo many things that i do to make him better that he can't think of them all...! :) just teasing, but seriously. isn't that great? made my heart jump a little & he was straight faced serious & sincere... i love that. 

anyways, no matter how long you've been married, it's so always nice to hear these sweet things. they bring love, encouragement, sincerity, excitement to your heart & your relationship!

SO, run DON'T WALK, to your spouse & pay them a compliment or say something nice THAT YOU MEAN...make their heart smile at you & in turn yours will smile, too! :)


did i shave my legs for this?

maybe, just maybe, one of you will understand what i'm's the setting...

you haven't shaved your legs in like a month, so you look like a werewolf. you finally get a wild hair & shave. so proud & excited of all the time & work you took getting those legs smooth as a baby's bottom, you run to husband to have him feel (taking a quick swipe to before he feels so you can be so proud, again, of your work)...then, that quick swipe you realize it's cold in the house & you have goosebumps & now you're body has started to push the hair back out & your all prickly.


so, you run to the tub/shower again & do another quick over...only to have the same thing happen twice...


no, this isn't a major frustration of mine, but man OH man! isn't your body a crazy (amazing) creation by God? i mean, after all, it's just trying to help & keep you warm! but come on! :)

anyways, just shaved my leggies & thought of this! 

happy shaving!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

see your glass 100% full.

incase you're ever having 'one of those days'...

here's to your glass being 100% full with the blessings God's given you!

"Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NLT)

xs & os,

DIY: birthday poster

have you seen these little things called birthday posters or chalkboard posters? i guess the idea is to have a 'prop' for your kiddo's birthday. anyways, a gal at work approached me & asked me to make one for her kiddo's birthday! i surely obliged! :) 

here's what i used:
*a sheet of black poster board (you can use any size)*
*metallic markers (in the pen/sharpie section)*

if you're doing a 'chalkboard' one, you'll want to buy the chalkboard markers...mine were metallic, so they're shiny, so just be mindful depending on what look you're going for! :) 

i googled a bunch of different ideas online & then just sort of doodled randomly on a piece of paper ones i liked... then, i took a pencil & did a quick outline on the black poster board...THEN MARKERS! all sort of colors thrown up on there! i think it's pretty cute & i know it was a huge hit for her & her family at her son's birthday!

i have a bunch of frames i salvaged from our old office at work & am going to give one to her to frame this! she wanted to keep it, but didn't just want it sitting there! this will be perfect because now she can remember hall the little details from when her little man was one!

what do you think? do you like these!?

xoxo, j

DIY: gift bags

hey there, loves!

a little DIY for you that is SUPER easy!

here's what you need:
*a solid colored bag (i prefer neutrals -- the color shows up better)*
*sharpies & markers*


then...all you have to do is DECORATE with some squiggles & loop-de-loops! it's super-de-duper cute & personalized! we made our own wedding 'thank you' bags & they were so cute & custom! much cheaper & thoughtful to make! :) 

happy DIYing! :) 
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