Monday, January 27, 2014

our new desktop.

 does anyone remember our old desktop?

well, i walked in to find husband 'updating it' again... i must say... I LOVE IT! not only is it totally us, but i think it's a sweet little cutie thing he does. call me crazy, but i just do! 

so, the old desktop was us in the winter...and this is us NOW! :) 

xs & os!


can you tell that i am clearing out my draft messages? :) 

this is what a typical saturday looks like in our household...
lots of NO HAIR/MAKEUP...LOTS of comfies...but lots of getting stuff done! 

HONESTLY, whenever i find myself wanting to do nothing on a saturday, i just keep reminding myself that TOMORROW IS SUNDAY & that Sunday is the day of, i keep trucking, trucking, trucking & getting stuff done because i look so forward to making myself rest...

my breakfast...leftover fruit & fruit dip from a drug rep at work -- okay! free & delish!

getting all my etsy orders/birthday presents mailed! :) 

and a few little treats in super cute bottles that i found while getting groceries!

looking forward to THIS COMING saturday! :) 
xo, j

some fashionable photos.

you'll have to forgive me... i found these pictures literally years ago & am just now getting around to posting them... they were just some fashionable photos that are...well...fashionable. 


leopard. neon...always in style. ;)


i don't really wear heels anymore, but they're still pretty to look at, right? AND goofy, fun, style individuality (within modesty confines) is ALWAYS in style!

how cute would these be in a little ladies' hair? ooh, ooh -- ESPECIALLY on a DisneyWorld trip!?

blahhhh -- i LOVE that black, tights & camel. and plaid...well, i'm a sucker... 
there's that leather & of course, leopard again... and those aviators. 

xs & os & cute clothes, 

my argyle sweater.

hey gorgeous! 

just thought i'd share our outfit from last sunday (i think?) a long time ago (because i found this post in my drafts). anyways, this is kinda a throw back outfit. i'd say about 2 years ago, i wore this argyle vest & striped button-up underneath a TON! i love love love it... who care how old it it! if you love something, WEAR IT! :) 

i'm sure i got a semi-good deal on it... i got it when i worked at The Limited, which can be pricey! but you know me & wanting to get a good deal! :) 

SEE? within a couple different search, i found these different times below!!! and i know there was more! oh well! i love these strips & of course...ARGYLE.

*i look like a little baby!*

*fun fact to remember: this picture was on my way to court for an accident i was involved in! ah!*


NEON jeggings!

HAPPY SUNDAY from syds & me!

i had a snazzy little outfit on today A LONG TIME AGO (but found this post in my drafts), but remembered that we were watching the kiddos (toddlers) today after church to help out our children's church...crawling around in a skirt is NOT a good idea. so, i opted for these stretch jeggings that you can read all about HERE! got another great deal!

syds is so happy you're here!

i made bread.

i got this when we got married...over 2 years ago. i decided it was time to try it out...

it turned out...-ish. we had a couple pieces & then it sat covered up on the counter until i threw it away because it was 'that time'., i suppose this is one skill i need to work out...whatever, i felt accomplished & 'susie-homemaker-esq'.



i went shopping a few months ago (these pictures were in my draft posts, so why not post 'em, right?) & this serves as a reminder never to underestimate the power of deals from DollarTree & thrift stores!

these SUPER cute washi tapes...yours for only $1/per... Yes, please! these will be perfect for my etsy orders & other randoms! :) 

who's husband doesn't "need"...or want a pair of these vintage, screaming '90's NBA sheet sets for a twin bed that you don't even own?! (from Salvation Army for only $2.95)!

it's never too early to stock up on little kids clothes for a child you don't yet have (or is it too early? who knows...?!). oh & that bulls wrapping paper -- yes please. can't beat $.50!

and kitty black heels that i've actually been looking for. um, brand new -- okay, perfect.

or a pair of SPERRY'S that you have no intention of using or wearing...mainly because no one in your family wears this size...but hey, you can sell them right? since they're only $7 and all...!

these bad boys were actually found at TJMaxx, but i had to share them with you... i'm a cheapy, but husband needed some good gloves. these looked like they were up to the challenge. and when i saw the price tag of $70 -- yeah right. but then i saw $25 & was like, okay, getting warmer...then i remembered that i had a giftcard, so we're getting hot... BUT, what really sold me was what i'm about to point out to you... scroll down, please...

keep scrolling...

keep scrolling...


"soft microfiber nose wipe panels". seriously? i mean...seriously? i knew that husband would find this equally hysterical & well, since i'd been considering them anyways, okay...we'll give it a whirl!

and you know what? he LOVES them. and i'm so happy i bought them. snot & all.

happy deal finding! don't forget thrifting & to fill me in on your finds!

small sacrifices for love.

so...i know this doesn't seem big. really, i get it. but, i love my sleep. i love my sleep like, a lot. over the past bit, i've learned that i need, a lot of it. i can sleep like it's my job. i hit the snooze button over & over & over & over until i'm running out the door because now i'm late... 

can anyone relate? 

anyways, for some time now, i've been feeling like that is one area i need to be more disciplined in. whether it's getting up early to do my morning devotions, work out, take the puppies out, make breakfast, the list can go on & on. 
so lately, i've been setting my alarm for a little bit earlier & trying to get to bed a bit earlier. sometimes i want to, sometimes i don't. but, my main motivation for it is to be a better servant of God by serving my husband. we have two little furry friends that need to go p-o-t-t-y in the am. i know it's not a huge deal, but one way i'm showing love to husband is by making sure i get up before him, taking the little critters out & allowing him that extra time to sleep in a bit. he does so much & takes them out a ton that i figure this is one little way i can show my love (plus, usually  it helps with getting out the door more on time). 

*a little note i wrote husband on his car to see before he left; on the side window i wrote, "will you go on a date with me tonight?" too bad he didn't see that & a lot of it was melted off! haha!*

so, it doesn't have to be anything huge, but small acts of love & a servant's heart are what matters. and i challenge & encourage that of you today. 

whether it is your spouse, your neighbor, your coworker, you boss, your family, friend or foe, do something...and don't just do it, but do it with a servant's heart. do it with the heart of your Father, so that His light can shine through you to all who can see!


hope you all have a wonderful week! and if you remember, comment with how you were given an opportunity & the privilege to serve!


Friday, January 17, 2014

review: Quaker Real Medleys

hey all!

so, something a bit different, but i had it in my 'drafts', so i wanted to share... i've been thinking of doing more product reviews lately...any thoughts?


i was shopping the clearance rack that night i was grocery shopping --remember, here?-- and stumbled across these... i don't know how much they are regularly, but the box was on sale for $.99... um, yes please! i'm not a huge fan of paying like $5 for a box of breakfast bars, but $.99 i could do...but like i said, they were SALE...clearance even (idk why -- they're far from expired)!

anyways, they are SO good. they have nuts & grains & little pieces of dried, chewy (still a little juicy) fruit... i had the peach... at first i was like, 'eh'...but then, then i fell in love. and scarfed these puppies down! so, i may just be back to buy them in the future...maybe full price, who knows? possibilities are endless! :) just wanted to give you an opinion on a yummy snack/breakfast...

off to eat my leftover Buffalo Wild Wings (from 2 hours ago) because my tummy is already growling at me (that's what happens when i don't stuff my face & tummy uncomfortably full -- i'm hungry again SOON)!!! 

buffalo wild wings & friends & gratitude.

so...a girl who i work with had a going away par-tay tonight... hubs & i made a pit stop to get some wings (for me), burger (for him), and to hang out with the work crew...

on our way home, we were just chatting about our days, life, etc... then i told him how thankful i am for the friends i have. honestly, i've made some really good friends at the job i have now...more than probably any other job i've had -- like, there are some pretty good people i have around me. so, i'm thankful for that. i think it's good to be thankful & say when you're thankful. it can snowball into a whole heart, life, mind of gratitude...something i definitely want for myself & those around me.

on a different note, here's what i wore tonight:

*metallic zebra bow (claires for like $.50-$1, BAM)
*neon yellow VS sweatshirt
*Geoffrey Bean gingham (got at Goodwill -- purrrrfect)
*SteveMadden scarferoni (TJMAXX)

at first the gingham was a no-gingham, but i'd let a girl borrow it & she brought it back today, so i decided to try it. i think it's super cute...and i'm probably going to wear those w/out my sweatshirt to church or something someday. the neon yellow & bright blue are adorable. maybe some pinky SNOB from MAC? pondering... 

here's my wittle bow:

 i love bows. here's my babe, syd's, puppy bum -- she's hungry:

this is me. welcome to my little internet space:

also, i cleaned our spare room (that i'm sitting in) last weekend... this is our craft, puppy, computer/office, storage, catch-all room...and i seem to have to clean & smoosh more stuff into it every few months... but for now, i've enjoyed seeing the ENTIRE's small accomplishments, people...

hope that you have a wowowowonderful weekend!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

happy saturday & some engagements.


I realized I haven't stopped by my own little space on the internet for a while & wanted to say hey!

Tonight, husband is helping me make homeade laundry detergent by shredding the fels naphtha! :) And I've been cleaning & organizing for today! 

Earlier this morning, I was able to meet a dear new(ish) friend, Sarah, for coffee. She is a jewel & I am glad that God has blessed me with her & her husband in Adam & my life. She is so wise & that time spent was precious -- but more on friends later!

Here are some engagement pictures I found while cleaning off our iPad...they're silly. ENJOY!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

happy new year 2014!

Sure, sure... I may be 4 days late, but...WHO CARES?!

Here's the scene at our house on New Year's Night. And it was PERFECT.

We've been diving into a lot of Sherlock Holmes lately -- the British version. So, since we finished that up until the new season, we had decided on a Sherlock Holmes movie marathon for New Year's. Plus Pizza Hut pizza. Yes, please. I thought our little tootsies looked darling, so there you go... 

*our neighbors were getting rid of his Hawkeye & socks & my momsies was getting rid of her cozy socks... SO, we inherited both...and are wearing them in this picture. Perfect. 
*he got his sweats from my mom a couple years back. i got mine from mom this year!
*the candle in this pic is Birthday Cake by Gold Canyon. yum.
*we don't want to take down our Christmas stuff yet. so, we're not. 
*i got the stars on our Christmas tree from my mama's friend's garage sale. they're darling. 
*the leopard neon cup you see in the bottom right corner was actually the 'vase' that my 2-year anniversary flowers came in! husband knows me SO well!

*we're focusing on getting into the habit of a budget. we're loosely following Dave Ramsey's budget plan. we think this will be beneficial for us in future years. our goal is to get all student loan debt done (hopefully this year) completely. that's our only debt & it would be great to get rid of it. 
*devotions. we do nightly devotions, but there are times we miss. we're focusing on not missing this year! if we miss a day, we do two the next! we're doing a chronological Bible, which is super cool!
*i'm focusing on giving myself a schedule...i need structure to make sure i study & do things... i will be focusing on making specific times for prayer, self Bible study, studying for LMT. 
*we're working on not biting our nails! :)

I can't remember what else we've discussed, but those are a few things! Hope that your 2014 is merry & bright! and that you get lots of goals accomplished! And that your heart grows more in love with our Christ & Savior!

lots of love from over heeeeeere!

Friday, January 3, 2014

target, peppermint, american flag...and other things i love.


Can someone please cheer!?

Tonight was the perfect ending to a crazy-busy week: date night with the mister. 

We went to this delicious pizza place & got some yumyums. I was so excited & it was so good. We've been planning this for some time since I got a 'promotion' at my job, however...we've both been sickypoo, so it's been put off for a bit. no worries. We rocked it tonight. Mmmm.

So, the last couple of nights, here are some things that I'm loving:

peppermint ice cream. husband asked what i wanted when i was, anything else besides oj...he suggested ice-cream & that sounds yum on my throat. I told him to surprise me, so this is what he got... He knows me so well. Bonus: locally made & 'natural-er'. :)

american flag scarf. I wore it for the first time today at work & then again for date night! I love it. I love, love it! So cozy & cute! It definitely spiced up the scrubs that I wear!

And dear Target Dollar you. A coworker said it was 75% off! I was going to stock up on gifts, however, the sale was over! :( But, I still found goodies...
MINT CHOCO PRETZEL CHIPS (you know me & mint stuff...must try)
DRY ERASE MARKER (on my 'list')
COOL SOCKS FOR BROTHER (if you see this brother or gf, ignore...) :)

i love straws. it's something i got from my friend bailey. drink past your teeth & it won't stain them. i use them all the time. sometimes i forget to drink past my teeth, but whatever... these paper straws will be for 'special times' like girls night & stuff, since they're not super duper cheapy! the pink striped & heart ones were dollar section & the red striped with Christmas saled ones! SCORE!

have a superb weekend!
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