Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

THIS IS SO COOL! read the full article HERE, but in a nutshell... these are 'Living Photographs' using THOUSANDS of troops from WWI! Look close! :) Thanks be to God for giving us men & women who are willing to fight for our freedoms. Happy Memorial Day!

“The Human U.S. Shield” composed of 30,000 officers and men at Camp Custer in Battle Creek, Mich. (Photo: Mole and Thomas/ Library of Congress) 
The Liberty Bell composed of 25,000 officers and men at Camp Dix in New Jersey. (Photo: Mole and Thomas/Library of Congress)
“Machine Gun Insignia” made of 22,500 officers and men and 600 machine guns at Camp Hancock in Augusta, Ga. (Photo: Mole and Thomas/Library of Congress) 
“Sincerely yours, Woodrow Wilson” composed of 21,000 officers and men at Camp Sherman in Chillicothe, Ohio. (Photo: Mole and Thomas/Library of Congress) 
“U.S. Naval Rifle Range” at Camp Logan in Illinois. (Photo: Mole and Tomas/Library of Congress) 
Human Statue of Liberty composed of 18,000 officers and men at Camp Dodge in Des Moines, Iowa. (Photo: Mole and Thomas/Library of Congress) 
Y.M.C.A. logo at Camp Wheeler in Georgia. (Photo: Mole and Thomas/Library of Congress)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend.

what a weekend it's been. i don't know... there's something in the air that is just making me want to get a TON accomplished. maybe it's the extra day?! :)

made party potatoes...ever had them? they're soooooooo good. except last night, i didn't have 2 pounds of hash browns, so i added 1/2 lb. of hash browns, 1/2 lb. of french fries & 1 lb. of 'golden circles' (basically potato ole's w/out the flavor from taco johns)... so yeah, not as good.

made Chobani black forest cupcakes & homemade frosting. NOTE TO SELF: when there's a little 't', it means TEASPOON, not TABLESPOON. they turned out...not good.

oh & then husband & i watched Atlas Shrugged Part II. well, he watched it & i fell asleep at the end. typical jace. He's been reading the book! :) it's huge.

i slept until like 12:00pm. NOON. yes, seriously. it...was...awesome...! THEN, adam made french toast. it was SO good. seriously.

then, i've wanted to clean out my washer for quite some time now. it's in a common area between our apartment & another apartment. so basically there's only 2 of us who use the washer & dryer, which is sweet. it's also sweet it's included. so, i decided not only would it be good for me to clean it, but maybe it'll be a blessing to them! :) i vacuumed, swept & disinfected that room. it was grosser than i thought. looking good now, though. so, anyways, the washer...i used THESE directions to clean a grimey washer. to be honest, i'm a little disappointed at the results. i mean, i'm sure it was DEFINITELY a good thing definitely didn't hurt anything, but i still didn't get some of the hard stuff cleaned! :( maybe i'll go back & try for round 2. i mean, after all... Walmart had 1 bottle of bleach for $3 or 3 bottles for $5, so i have plenty of bleach! :)

oh...i also made fabric softener from the recipe i shared with you HERE!

then, we had spotted a shirt for adam's brother at goodwill...problem though, it was a 2X & adam's brother is a SM/MD... so i sewed that to fit him! :) THEN, i am in the process of a little project for my neices & nephews... which reminds me... I GOT A NEW NEPHEW THURSDAY! :) he's quite a chubby little peach & i love him! :) his name is BLAKE & he's great. 

that's it for now. tomorrow, after church, i'll probably get some studying in. YEOW. fun stuff! :)

k, xs&os!

adam: a lovechild.

enjoy this conversation during the day between husband & myself. i laughed heartily.
Adam: Here’s a picture of me in the background of a survey picture Joe took yesterday. Enjoy.

Jacie: Was this on purpose? If not, oh man…that’s a good one.

Adam: I had no idea I was in this picture. Apparently I just naturally look like the witch from Snow White…

Or Voldemort…


Adam: Knock yourself out. I can’t hide who I am.

Other parts of the conversations: 
Adam: I thought of those two because that’s exactly what I look like. I don’t know how you can look at that picture of me and not see some hideous love-child of Voldemort and the witch from Snow White!

Adam: You know one look at that witch and Voldemort’s heart would melt. It’s a match made in…not Heaven…Orlando maybe? I don’t know. She’s a witch. He’s a wizard. She’s evil. He’s evil. Perfect for each other.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a good find.


so, does anyone else shop tjmaxx? does anyone else love good deal? waaay before Christmas, i was shopping at good ol' tjmaxx & saw this good little deal. make-up bag? perhaps. lunch tote? perhaps. travel bag? sure. so, i bought mama was looking for things to give me for Christmas, so she bought if from me & then i got it for Christmas... love it! 

Chinese Laundry. leopard. bows. $20 to $10 to $5 FOR BOTH. yeah, okay. i can do that. 

thanks, mama! :) 
Merry Christmas to me!

by the way, i've used this for a 'lunch box' lots of different times & love it! works like a charm! :) 

Friday, May 10, 2013

ah, the weekend.

and a lovely weekend it shall be. i had a hard days work... we got lunch brought to us... i got to bring home leftovers -- PERFECT (salad, chicken for said salad, mixed fresh fruit, pasta salad) & free...yes, thanks...hung out with the babes for a bit... went 3 miles tonight...and now going into town for some errands while husband listens to the game. 

tomorrow i will enjoy my first-ever experience at the Farmer's Market here (i guess it's a big deal)...and then the rest of the weekend is reserved for celebrating my momma & mom-in-law...and church Sunday!

there you have it. hope the start of your weekend is going swimmingly!
xxoo, j

ps. sometimes the above pictures like that are dumb. but this was was kinda cute...oh, dogs. SPEAKING OF, syds might just get to go to the farmer's market with me...we'll see! :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1 in 6...billion.

so... i was chatting with a lovely new friend at husband's softball game last night. her fiance is also on said softball team. she's getting married in t-minus 5(ish) weeks. she's neat. anyways, I DIGRESS (wink, new friend, if you're reading this)... as i was reflecting on the conversation we'd had the previous night, i couldn't help but think how blessed i am to have the husband i do. and for the record, it sounds like she's going to have a great husband for her soon, too. 

i love husband...obviously... sometimes, like anyone whom you have a relationship with, you possibly take for granted what you have or fail to really be as appreciative as you should be for the blessing of this human being God has given to you.

during our conversation, much of which was about how we have a couple of great men of the Lord, we also chatted about some not-so-great men boys we've let into our lives... i cannot help but be reminded of how good i have it with husband. and how bad it was with them. hindsight is 20/20, right? ha. maybe more about exes later...this is husband's post. i am so thankful for the man that he IS & IS NOT...and i continuously pray for the man that he IS & WILL BE.

SO...i guess what i'm saying is... remind your man how much you appreciate him. how much you love him. how he's the apple of your eye...the macaroni to your cheese. the gravy to your potatoes... he needs to know it! and even harder than words, SHOW HIM how much you appreciate him. how much you love him. how he's the apple of your eye...the macaroni to your cheese. the gravy to your potatoes...

that he's your one in six billion.

also, a sidenote, if you please. have Godly expectations & Godly standards for the man in your life. if he is not a man of God, don't waste your time. move along...quickly. you'll save yourself much heartache, possible physical & emotional baggage...and some not-well-spent time. find a man of God & find out what true love & a true man is all about.

the end. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

challenge: day 10-14

hi loves! happy sunday!

day 10: may 1
weight: 168
Bust 33
Bellyb 33.5
Tummy 38
Hips 40.5
Thigh 24.5
Arm: 11.5

i did:
jogged 1 mile
jogged/walked 1 mile with truman

i ate:
broccoli & carrots w/ noodles & cheese
belvita soft chew
granola bar
32 oz water
1 can corn
1 piece of pizza

day 11: may 2
weight 171

i did:
NOTHING! there was a snow storm-a brewing!

i ate:
ate 5 slivers = 1 cupcake
salad & fruit
32 oz water
sip of powerade
tator tot taco

day 12, 13 & 14: may 3-5
honestly, here's where my days start to get a little wonky, so i'm not even going to try to regurgitate what i ate/drank/did. not until today (Sunday) was i even able to run/walk again... i mean, SURE, i could have... but there was a bunch of snow back on the ground & i just didn't really feel like running in snow! :)

PLUS, mr. husband & i went down to my mom & dad's & stayed there all weekend. they were out of town, so we got to play 'house' & puppysit! also, Tulip Time was going on this weekend (when it wasn't snowing/raining), so we also tried to hang out with the family there! i ate lots 2 bagels, had some chips, lots of fruit, a couple pops, Pizza Ranch, a burger with fries & that's about it... i was a bit more lenient this weekend, but still okay... 

today i ran 1 mile & walked 3. i kept trying to run, but i had the worst pain in my side. i think it's a mix between, i'm used to drinking 32-64 oz of water, no pop & really healthy diet...along with, i still had some Pizza Ranch sitting in my tummy. so, it was a nice little walk... oh, and i weighed myself today... 169.2, if my mom & dad's scale is accurate! BOOYAH. i'll do all my measurements tomorrow!

i'm getting ready to eat again because i'm hungry! i think i did pretty darn good & passed this week's challenge...except 1 night when i didn't eat veggies, but snacked instead... i told sister that & she said she saw me eat lots of fruit & that was okay! :) PERFECT. then, i passed. 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

throwback superheroes.

i FINALLY remembered to get a birthday gift around that i'd bought for a co-worker's sons... it was batman & robin themed... i stumbled along this picture. which led to this post. enjoy.

Original Spider-Man: Season 3.2

who knew it was SO hard to find a picture where wonder woman's chest isn't hanging out everywhere? ugh!

WELL, that's the end. 

my THURSDAY night.

here's what i'm doing tonight. cooking & cleaning. truth be told, sometimes i ACTUALLY get really excited to clean. key word...sometimes. :) but all in all, i really don't mind it! :) 

have a super happy THURSDAY! friday is SO close, my friends! 

looking forward to this new recipe that i hope is DELISH, 
your j
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