Monday, April 30, 2012

jacie's birthday extravaganza III

don't be confused! read the other birthday posts before THIS one!

this is what happens when your husband is the sweetest -- you get to do fun things!
:) love you, hubs. and thanks again...for everything. oosh goosh.

walkin' in to have a rockin' good time! to the same place we went right before we got engaged 1 year ago! i'll try to find a picture as like a 'flashback'!

if you can't tell, we were both a little annoyed with ME in this picture... you know that $50 bill he gave me? the one in the last post? the one that i was suppose to spend here? well, i lost it. i have a bad habit of that. couldn't find it ANYWHERE. not in my purse, not in the car, not in the envelope... WANNA KNOW WHERE WE FOUND IT!?
at the very end of the day, when we got home, it was sitting on our OUTSIDE garbage can! i must have set it down while locking the door or something! it's amazing noone took it, but even more amazing that it didn't just BLOW AWAY. gasp. oh well, adds to the story, i suppose! what a relief we found it! $50 is $50!

me picking out PAINT! love me some BRIGHT colors! it took me quite some time to decide what in the world i was going to paint! husband wanted just me to paint, so he just hung out! i was worried he was going to be bored outta his gored, but he took the job a 'photographer' very VERY seriously! :) plus, he's pretty good at entertaining himself & me... and i think a game was on!?

so...we decided it would be fun to do a popcorn bowl with all our memories... we thought things that were about us... and then adam had a BRILLIANT idea! since 1 year ago we got engaged after GLAZED EXPRESSIONS, do sort of a timeline thing...

the outside was puppy paws, mickymouse ears, harry potter scar, bride & groom, lots of hearts, etc... and the inside... well, the inside was our door numbers from our apartment where we met, then, from there, we had the bridge spiral down where we got engaged...and it spiraled down all the way to some rings... so like beginning to end... idk, just look... it might make more sense that way! :)

working hard on some painting! i really REALLY really had an amazing time! i could see me doing this LOTS if it wasn't SO expensive! ANNND, i would LOVE to own a colorful little shop like THIS!

you can see the harry potter lightning bolt/glasses & micky ears (represents our honeymoon)!

and somewhere along the lines...adam's hand hurt & looked like this! he didn't even do anything & it was wierd!!! who knows what happened to that poor boy's little hand! :(

painting the bridge where we got engaged! :) see the little bride & groom over there to the left!? awesome.

does it make more sense now? and the bridge has tons of lights on it when it gets really dark & it looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous...

***i'll try to get a picture of it up baked & everything! we used it for the FIRST time last night!***
the only sad part is that you have to leave it so they can bake it or whatever they do to make it brighter! and then you pick it up a week later! i wanted to take it home right THEN! but it is fun to have something to look forward to pick up!

the happy couple...

jacie's 23rd birthday extravaganza II

don't be confused with what's going on...!

morning envelopes! #5, #6 AND #7!
enjoy me in all my glory in the AM! :) this is seriously the BEST birthday EVER!


okay! ENVELOPE #5! i was woken up to a super-de-duper sweet breakfast! isn't he just the best?! breakfast in bed on a kitchenaid cookie sheet! aw, my heart melts at his sweetness-seriously makes me SMILE just thinking about this. apparently he was going to make it, but we were out of something -- i don't remember, so that sweet little boy went & grabbed SUBWAY breakfast--it was DELISH! and he made toast -- nom nom nom.


envelope numero SIX... it was a present! YAY! and this is about the time that we were about to finish PRISON BREAK (which you just HAVE to watch beeteedubs)! i think this movie ended up being on the end of netflix, but who cares--it was AWESOME & thoughtful & sweet! and just talking about it makes me want to watch it AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN!

and ENVELOPE #7! one of the sweetest things: GLAZED EXPRESSIONS! this is the place where we went last year before he proposed! i should really find a picture of THAT time, too! what a sweetie -- he put a $50 bill in there -- that's what i had to spend...pick out whatever i wanted to decorate! EEK! despite my 'tired', 'i wanna go back to bed' look... i was SUPER excited & had the absolute best time! STAY TUNED to see!


everything by michael buble is on at work right now (it probably will be over by the time i get done with this post -- because i talk so much)!

as my husband & i were sitting at a middle-school play this weekend, i just looked over & thought how lucky i was & told him how much i loved him! i almost started crying! he's amazing! and he sings this song to me when it comes on! and it reminds me of him when he's not here.
go...listen to it... now. you know you wanna!

so lalalalalalalalala LA,

***ps, the song JUST got over & i'm JUST finishing! BAM-A-LAM!***

oh, DEER.

just a few days ago, on my way to an adventure, i see THIS! of course i pulled over & took the best picture i could... there was around 11-12 as far as i could count! i told husband i took a picture & he said, "careful taking pictures while driving!" i sure did feel a sense of pride when i said, "i pulled over!" and he said, "that's my girl!" i've been known to now be the safest while driving! YIKES!


isn't God's creation a wonderful thing?

xs os,

latest ETSY project.

i had lots of leftover wedding favors (birdseed bags) from our wedding that i was trying to sell on ETSY because i made them! well, a girl wanted some CUSTOM ones! i already had all the bags filled & everything, it was just a matter of switching the paper, so it was quite EASY! but i thought they turned out absolutely DARLING! the theme of her wedding is 'country chic' & she wanted all sorts of patterns/colors of hot pink & apple green... here's how they turned out!


do you love? what do you think? want your own?! want birthday/wedding/party favors filled with candy or whatever else?


we didn't get any pictures of beauty & the beast, but we did get these pictures in the car ride home!

i am in the front seat & adam just starts laughing! ABOVE is what we see... cute, right?
oh how i love my little trumanators!
a little frankfurter (adam's new nickname for her) action for you!
silly picture, BUT... i like the lipstick (snob by MAC--my girl, bailey got me hooked on it)! ANNNND even hubby likes the look! he likes the look, just not the 'sticky, weird, have pink all over my lips after i kiss you' look! but that made me feel nice that he likes it! my sister once said i looked like a BARBIE from the 80's! but hey, it makes me laugh -- kinda funny!



GET IT HERE: ??? go to the store...???
i also got this anchor necklace (which i love) at american eagle -- i don't really like AE, honestly... haven't really since high school... no particular reason, i don't know why... BUT, they do have the cutest boxers that i get husband when they're on sale... so, this necklace was spur of the moment. i bought it & wore it all day long. and for $5, who wouldn't?! i am still trying to find a link for you, but am not having much luck since it was on salesies... STAY tuned, but i love it!
OTHERWISE, make your own by following THIS:

(***not exactly the same, but pretty close!***)
AND THIS! this little beauty was on YELLOW DOT clearance at YOUNKERS! a few months back adam & i had bought a $5 community days book from this little guy selling them, so of course we had to oblige! anyways, so i went there & i saw this watch! i have been looking for one since my DKNY one from high school is getting sort of shotty & it was on pretty good clearance! so, REG $135 SALE $45 (tax & everything, i think)! that's pretty good, right? esp since i keep them for a LONG time & don't really buy multiples! i find one that i like & stick with it (kinda like purses)! of course, there are exceptions to 'the rule', but i'm just saying! AND THIS ONE IS LIKE A BRUSHED ROSY PINK! it's awesome (the picture doesn't do it justice)! i just have to be careful not to bang it around!

who woulda known i wouldn't have got a black watch?

get it HERE:

so, THEN... i went back because i've been looking for one for the hubs... and found this GORGEOUS one! i couldn't get a good picture of it in the car (we were driving when i took these pics), so i'll have to get one & post it later (**i think the one above is it! except we got a DEAL!)! it is so sharp & looks so good! and he loves it & loves that i picked it out! :) we tried looking for 'sports teams' ones, but we couldn't find any that weren't a tidge cheesy! so, we stuck with this one! samesies, REG $135 SALE $75 COUPON $65... or something like that...!? i'm not quite sure... all i know is that i was happy to get two FOSSIL watches for a tidge over $100 total! something that we've both been looking for!

AND it was super funny because when i gave the lady my ID, she knew my late father-in-law & aunt! she said my aunt was a 'hottie' in her day & that she bleached her hair blonde when it wasn't cool to bleach your hair blonde! and that she was a 'rebel' & dated a boy named jimmy who had a convertable! haha, oh how funny!
this is like the only picture that WASN'T blurry of mister husband from the weekend! i tried taking a few in the car, but i couldn't get them bright enough! guess we'll just have to keep working on getting more of his beautiful face up!

so YEAH, we visited GERMANY! not really, but i LOVE finding little hole-in-the-wall places to eat in dubuque...! and this time we went to a german bar! i have my first-ever german(ish) food, but now i can't remember what it's called. it was pretty yummy! and i ate red cabbage which was YUMMY, too! i should've taken a picture!

AND THEN, mama d had a spill & we all about peed our pants laughing (all in love)! have you ever watched one of those slow-motion falls? it was like that. sister even tried taking a picture while she was laying on the cement -- atta kid! :)

***UPDATE! husband just sent me THIS:***
"We always just call it The Bierstube. That’s all I’ve ever heard it called, but Google calls it Europa Haus Restaurant."

hope your weekend was magical!

creative...toilet paper?

i've seen 'fun toilet paper' before... but these, well, pretty much genius. and maybe a tidge odd! but oh well, they're F-U-N, right?!

   Sudoku Toilet Paper Crime Scene Toilet Paper Notepad Toilet Paper Money Toilet Paper 
oh, hilarious... some just make you hurt like te cheesegrater one, but they're pretty comedic!
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