Friday, April 13, 2012

has anyone else ever heard of this or am i just behind times? either way... it's pretty cool.

i was at school the other night & one of my clients was talking about her husband & her loosing some weight. to be quite honest, i've never really focused on loosing weight. i've always just had the attitude that i'm not really uncomfortable with myself... i mean, sure...i could afford to loose a few, but i just didn't care enough. but when i heard about this, i thought if nothing else, it would make for a fun little experiment. i've never ever ever never ever never wever dever lever cever never ever counted calories. what's the point? well, on here you have to keep track of everything & it calculates everything for you! WOAH! so, i just started tracking yesterday! i will keep you updated on my progress & we'll see if i loose any weight! now, i'm focusing on portion control (kinda) & could stand to work out a tidge more...eeks. here... we... go...! as a sidenote, it's always most important to be HEALTHY, not a string bean. if you're a string bean & healthy, then more power to you... but the goal is not to be a size 00. it's to feel good & know your insides feel good!

*** ps, it's FREE. say it with me! FREE. score.***

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