Wednesday, April 11, 2012

God's timing, not ours...

it is absolutely, positively 100% AAAAAYmazing what the Lord has laid on my heart this morning & i am SO excited to share! so... i've told you about getting the 'Proverbs 31 Ministries' daily devotional sent to my email. some days i don't read it, so i have a bit of catching up to do the next day. ANYWAYS, i realized i hadn't read it yesterday & i had a new one today. i opened up todays & started reading. IMMEDIATELY, i knew the Lord was using this woman to speak to my heart (and my husbands--even though i haven't sent it to him, yet...).
let me husband & i have been diligently praying for not necessarily new jobs, but for the Lord to show us/give us something that we feel has meaning or purpose. after reading this devotion, i am know realizing one of the problems -- 'something that WE feel has meaning or purpose'. maybe what we feel doesn't have purpose really does. maybe the most mundane tasks are preparing up for our calling from our King. i guess i've thought that before but never really thought that... you know what i mean? i hope that makes sense!?

so, anyways... we both feel as though we have more potential than what we're using. it's not that we're activley searching for other jobs right now, but depending on what opportunity the good Lord puts in front of us, we shall see. we are definitely trying to put ourselves out there more. for instance, we've been diving into new opportunities with the church that we've been going to for a while... adam is huge into sports & we've been trying to network with other young couples via groups & church sports teams. come to find out that the church doesn't have that many opportunities for sports teams, etc...yet. one of the pastors asked us to come in to talk about expanding that part of worship for the church. do you know how excited we are? we feel this is an opportunity that God has put in front of us... not necessarily as a final destination, but atleast a stepping stone for something else.

so, anyways, here is the article. i hope that God speaks to your heart through it.
(alright, like last time... it's not letting me copy & paste, so here's the link. you just have to go read it! RUN! don't walk! :) xoxoxoxo.)

prayerfully yours,

***another closing thought that JUST came across my mind is something my dearest husband told me. as he was listening to a sermon online about worries, the Lord was speaking to his heart. in a nutshell, the pastor was saying, when you worry, you're basically not trusting in God's timing, God's will, God's plan. why worry because God will take care of you... ever since then, my husband rarely worries. i think that is important to keep in mind when we get bogged down & over our heads with worry & doubts. God knows what he's doing -- even if we don't understand.***

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