Monday, April 30, 2012

jacie's 23rd birthday extravaganza II

don't be confused with what's going on...!

morning envelopes! #5, #6 AND #7!
enjoy me in all my glory in the AM! :) this is seriously the BEST birthday EVER!


okay! ENVELOPE #5! i was woken up to a super-de-duper sweet breakfast! isn't he just the best?! breakfast in bed on a kitchenaid cookie sheet! aw, my heart melts at his sweetness-seriously makes me SMILE just thinking about this. apparently he was going to make it, but we were out of something -- i don't remember, so that sweet little boy went & grabbed SUBWAY breakfast--it was DELISH! and he made toast -- nom nom nom.


envelope numero SIX... it was a present! YAY! and this is about the time that we were about to finish PRISON BREAK (which you just HAVE to watch beeteedubs)! i think this movie ended up being on the end of netflix, but who cares--it was AWESOME & thoughtful & sweet! and just talking about it makes me want to watch it AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN!

and ENVELOPE #7! one of the sweetest things: GLAZED EXPRESSIONS! this is the place where we went last year before he proposed! i should really find a picture of THAT time, too! what a sweetie -- he put a $50 bill in there -- that's what i had to spend...pick out whatever i wanted to decorate! EEK! despite my 'tired', 'i wanna go back to bed' look... i was SUPER excited & had the absolute best time! STAY TUNED to see!

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