Wednesday, April 25, 2012


i cannot find a picture anywhere on the internet of my dear dad, john! but i just wanted to say something today...even though i have NO idea what to say. today is the day my father-in-law died 17 years ago. he's now been gone longer than he & my mother-in-law were married. crazy. adam was 10 when he passed & is now 27... it's so hard to understand our good Lord's plan, but regaurdless...just trust that He has one. 

some HAPPY facts about dad (that i've heard OR read)...
*on MAY 31, 1993, john was awarded the 'fast pitch softball hall-of-fame meritorious service award'. WOAH! get it, dad!
*he wrote the anthem for some hockey team for a radio contest & won (i have a feeling that i will be going back through this with adam later)!
*when he had to go to the bathroom he would always say, "i gotta talk to my brother about a dog."
*he liked to wear really short shorts & knee-high socks!
*the bill of his hat would basically stick straight up off his head like a shark fin.
*if his dad came home with a pack of beer & beer brats, he knew his mom was working late.
*my dad-in-law & mom-in-law met while working at a paper company!
*the only human being who 1. consumed them himself & 2. fed them to his kids braunschweiger sandwiches (i JUST googled them -- ew).
*feed the boys 'sugar sandwhiches' when their mom wasn't around (aka buttered bread with sugar on top)! great idea for some little guys, john!

i will have to find a picture & put it up here!

your prayers the God would comfort the heart of my family would be much appreciated.

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