Wednesday, April 18, 2012


...i haven't wrote about these YET! quite a shame... i mean, you'll see more about them in my later birthday posts, but i just can't contain the excitement! :) i got THESE babies...


the shorts! look at them! and you all know adam & my FAV 'holiday' is probably the FORTH! there is just SOMETHING about it... and i am so SO sad we can't sit along the MISSISSIPPI this year watching the air show & the boats & all that jazz... that's okay... we'll find something special. but aren't these AYYYmazing?!?!!?!? i obviously fill them out a bit better than the above lady & i lololooove them! i can't find 'em on the website ANYWHERE, but this is where i got 'em (in store, though):

to read more about my FOURTH OF JULY thoughts & future outfits, go HERE:

strips, stars & american pride,

***JUST SAW THESE! do i need them, too!? aymazing...***

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