Friday, April 13, 2012

booger's got broken ribs.

boog (booger, husband, mister, adam, etc) is a superstar at basketball. i mean, he is good. he was a rockstar in high school, too, although... it's a super long story why he's not (we're not) billionaires, jet setting, playing in the nba, etc (insert laughter here...). no, really though... he's good. i ain't just saying that. so, he's had all sorts of basketball injuries. all sorts. too many to count. he plays in a church league on wednesdays & plays in an alumni tournament this year. well, within the first 5 minutes, another one of his teamates had tore his ACL. adam had a pretty bad fall from a couple of good plays & was a hurting unit...but he's one tough hurting unit, so he didn't let it affect his play. his left hip & elbow were pretty sore afterwards. he never even felt his ribs hurting... well, for a few days. then it hit him like a ton of bricks...

but he's one of those boys who wants to 'wait it out'... doesn't like going to the doc, etc, etc. so we waited it out. for a while. then we woke up for church one morning for a 'first steps brunch' & booger couldn't move. :( he said he had to go in. low & behold (isn't that what people say?), broken/fractured ribs, etc. atleast one, maybe more--YIKES! poor bug has been on muscle relaxer/pain killers/ibprofen for quite a while now. he's been getting the royal treatment whenever i'm home, too! or atleast i try!

anyways, he's had to sleep on the incline for his ribs the last few weeks (insert sad face here). so to my suprise, when i see him lying in bed the other night, i was one excited girl! snuggle buddies! he said his ribs were pretty tight when he laid flat, but i guess it was time to get back to normal. i was so excited that when i got back to work the next day, i had to tell the girls that he was FINALLY getting better. apparently though... i had lef tout a little detail. an important one. the fact that he had broken ribs, at all... so, when i walk in & say, "ADAM IS SLEEPING IN THE BED AGAIN!"... people are a little confused as you can imagine... haha, they're like, 'woah, jace... 6 months in & having problems already!'... it was just a bit funny. i'm still working on the whole thinking & then speaking thing... it was funny & innocent though.

anywhooo, aren't those the cutest pictures? they should brighten anyones day... in a weird way. you feel bad, but they're kinda funny, right?

broken bones & lots of meds,

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