Monday, April 9, 2012

nails, nails everywhere i look.

now look, i'm a fan of nails just like the next gal, but some are just plain weird & nasty. unfortunately, i'm enrolled in massage school, so i'm not able to have long nails, but when i get your bottom dollar i'm going to get another set put on. until then, i'm stuck just painting my shorties... that's okay though.

HELPFUL HINT: if you want to have long nails for an occasion, but don't want to:

A. pay to get them done
B. keep them on for a lolololooong time

just take the nails you find wherever...any store (walmart, claires, icing, walgreens, target, etc...) & don't put them on with the nail glue... get super glue (3/$1 at dollar tree-SCORE) & put them on with that. THEN, after you've put them all on, put more super glue between the fake nail & the tip of your finger. hold your hands like you're praying for oh...i don't know... 5-10 minutes?! blow on them to help dry faster. WALAH! BAM! cute, fake nails that are amazing, don't cost much AND won't stay on forever! depending on what your lifestyle, i would say they'll stay on for a few days. EEEENJOY, little peaches!

***ps, i didn't want to get a fake set put on before the wedding & my brilliant bestie bailey has some really good tips. the above tip being one of them -- and they were my wedding nails! and they looked grrrrrrreat!

nails i fancy:

nails i don't like:

nails that are funny, but couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't rock:

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