Tuesday, April 17, 2012

pearly, pearly, pearly whites!

so, after looking at my teephers in this picture, i thought they looked pretty white...so i thought i would share a little trick that had done me good thus far...!

i lololoove dollar tree -- who wouldn't? you find hidden treasures there ALL.THE.TIME. granid, there is some pretty jankity stuff, but sometime there are really good deals! so, not wanting to spend an arm & a leg on teeth whitener, and passing some teeth whitener that i thought i'd seen kandee johnson use HERE: http://www.kandeej.com/2009/04/teeth-so-white-you-gotta-wear-shades.html (apparently i thought something different, but close), i decided to try it... i mean, she wouldn't lead me astray! :) so, i picked it up for ONLY ONE DOLLAR! and have been using is since. i even went back & picked up a few extra tubes. it come with a whitening tray & this gooey stuff. i only use it in the shower, so i can just spit it out when i'm done, but i am happy with the results thus far & it's been a couple months... ALSO, i used crest white strips once & my teeth got super duper sensitive after like a week -- i have had NONE of that with this... don't know why/how, but all i know is i like it...

***hint, use in shower... because it's super thick. make sure you brush your teeth before using to get rid of debris (i never use toothpaste before, just brush)... and make sure you clean the tray everytime... another perk of doing it in the shower!***

PLUS, i was shopping the clearance aisle at good 'ol wal-mart & found this arm&hammer whitening booster. you use your toothpaste like normal & then just add some of that on, too... i don't know which is helping the most, but i like the results.

clean, white, cheap pearly whites,

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  1. So white! Can't wait until I can get some of this for me!


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