Sunday, September 22, 2013

this NEON jeggings!

HAPPY SUNDAY from syds & me!

i had a snazzy little outfit on today, but remembered that we were watching the kiddos (toddlers) today after church to help out our children's church...crawling around in a skirt is NOT a good idea. so, i opted for these stretch jeggings that you can read all about HERE! got another great deal!

**sidenote, these were so comfy & flexible to run around & crawl around with the toddlers on the carpet!***

syds is so happy you're here!

shopping run.

adam's best (guy) friend is getting married. adam is in the wedding. do i have a TON of dresses i could wear? yes... would they 'match' adam's super-cute tux & wedding colors? no. i know, i'm silly, but i'm the girl who likes to play matchy-matchy with husband sometimes.

i've procrastinated because the wedding is next weekend. but look, i don't need a new dress, so i don't want to spend a lot... i also was planning on getting a second one for rehersal, but i think i've given up on that... we'll just match in colors that aren't they're wedding colors. they won't care. :) 

so, thursday i went shopping after work. friday i went shopping for a bit after work (before datenight) and then went back with husband after date night. and saturday i went shopping. i found lots of goodies! ...among them, maybe a dress...?

***i know 5 new leggings is a bit excessive. i am self-reflecting right now & thanking God for all the blessings we have right & the ability to buy silly things like this!***

leggings. i LOVE leggings. husband doesn't mind them, but doesn't love them... here they are. the awesome Victoria's Secret ones (glitter damask & shiny gold) were like over $50. i spotted them when they first came out. yeah, no thanks on the price...even though glitter is my thing & so is damask -- perfect combo! anyways, they were on SALE, in my size PLUS i had a giftcard... so... FREE. and i had 2 FREE PANTY i got 2 FREE PANTYS! bam. 
***sidenote, i like THICK leggings for outside. the only place i've found them is The Limited when i worked there & not since... :( even victoria's secret ones aren't very thick...but these are yoga leggings & are thick. SWISH!***

gumball leggings? yes, gumball leggings. hilarious. can't wait. patriotic AMERICA leggings? why, yes please! both $5 from Delia's. i'll keep you posted! they're thin & not warm, so they might just be worn around the house or hanging out around Christmas or Thanksgiving inside! and those NEON jeggings? from the gap...ended up being like $11. not great, but definitely not bad...great colors! :)

BELOW you'll see some smelly goodies i found at TJMAXX. i think it's all natural, but they smell very light, but very YUMMY! i'd never heard of Cat Kidston, but i think we're going to get along just fine! i thought this room spay was body spray! HA! and this lotion is yummy. for some reason, i feel kinda fancy wearing these. they're vintagey, too. 

like my pants above, i got husband a good deal on these shirts, too (from Gap). he'll wear whatever i get! :) i think they ended up being $3.97 before sale w/ an additional 30% off? so, i got them for under $3 per...he wore one to church today! :) very handsome.

this dress... might be the one i wear to the wedding. i don't love it, i don't hate it. by the way, who would pay $98 for this? not me. anyways, their colors are navy & yellow w/ Vera Wang charcoal tuxes. it'll look very cute. i might put a yellow or cream belt, but idk yet. im still on the hunt for shoes, maybe a different dress, we'll see. so, this one... you can see the progression of decline on the prices. guess where i found it? not tjmaxx (max studio), but GOODWILL. so, i paid like $5.87 or whatever the price it. bam. the only downfall to the dress is it pretty form fitting...and the one shoulder thing sort of throws me off...that's'll probably still be the dress i rock. and match husband. :)

i found a PERFECT dress at charlotte russe for $15. the small was getting ready to show my cheekers & the large was hanging off me, but they didn't have a medium. i could have altered the large, but there was a snag in it. sad day.

so, this dress is from American Living & i found it at looks an awful lot like one of my bridesmaid's dresses (they all wore different black dresses -- snazzy!). i thought it'd just be a nice sunday dress. it's a bit big, but that gives me some wiggle room once we get pregnant (not trying, i just like to plan wwaaaaaaaaaay ahead!).

and i had a $5 off $20 coupon. and since i was already up to almost $15, i figured i might as well find something else to get me to $20 & then i could use the coupon & BAM. so, i got the 2 dresses above, this Geoffory Bean gingham shirt & a picture frame & a book for $15 from Goodwill. i think i'm going to wear the button up just under a snazzy vest (not the one pictured). 

i don't know what i'm going to wear the fur vest with, but i found it at salvation army for $3. i did some searching via google images to see how people dressed them & i am really digging some of them... we'll see. i'll let you know! :) HA! notice how they're all hanging up? that's because i hadn't washed them & didn't want them touching our bed (the fur vest had been washed)!

anyways, love sharing my good deals with you! DON'T BE AFRAID TO THRIFT (or find something by a dumpster, lol)! you might find some really good goodies! just wash them well!


i found it by...the dumpster.

good evening, friend! so, i know this seems a bit janky, but...oh well. we were walking in from taking the puppies to the potty, when i saw them. i just started laughing & was like, "look hunnie!" he just rolls his eyes because he knows if i see something nice by the dumpster, i will take it! i've gotten some pretty sweet side tables & patio furniture (all wrought iron -- it's pretty!) that were just sitting there (not in the dumpster, by the way), lol.

anyways, these Rubbermaid things are like $20 something each...and this shoe thing is sweet. both bronzed finished & very pretty! by the way, i've already cleaned everything & the shoe fabric is in the washer! :) we found a brand new wrapped LEGO toy -- swish! and a cool soccer ball for the nieces & also a container of a TON of markers, which i've already went through & sorted out the ones that didn't work! 

successful day in my house!

i've been cleaning out the spare room & these will definitely come in handy & i already know what i'm going to do with them! :) 

i love markers. especially FREE ones! 

last sunday.

hey gorgeous! 

just thought i'd share our outfit from last sunday (i think?). anyways, this is kinda a throw back outfit. i'd say about 2 years ago, i wore this argyle vest & striped button-up underneath a TON! i love love love it... who care how old it it! if you love something, WEAR IT! :) 

i'm sure i got a semi-good deal on it... i got it when i worked at The Limited, which can be pricey! but you know me & wanting to get a good deal! :) 

SEE? within a couple different search, i found these different times below!!! and i know there was more! oh well! i love these strips & of course...ARGYLE.



happy sunday night, loves!

let's just chat about cupcakes. aren't they so YUM?! last weekend we went over to sister & brother's to watch the Hawkeyes & sister bought these from Scratch Cupcakery...she LOVES, too. they're very yummy. well, she'd made a delicious meal that left no room for these bad boys. but she let us take home one of each, which i just finished today...yeah, they were at the end of there life for sure, but still nummers. she even bought ones named after the town i grew up in! sweet (the m&m & oatmeal ones)!

and gorgeous, right? anyways, they made me happy & i thought they were beautiful & i'd share! :) 


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

double stuff OREO milk shake.

hello friends!

backstory: a store here had Oreo's on sale...for $1.88... they're normally like $4. so, i bought like almost one of every kind. no, i'm so serious.

adam & i had been planning on these bad boys since last tuesday & FINALLY got around to making them this weekend.

the perfect outfit for these milk shakes: HAWKEYE CUPS & STRAWS! bam!

a booger about ready to enjoy his delicious treat!

and success! all gone!

make sure you have:
4 tsp. chocolate syrup
8 double stuf OREO cookies (im sure you could use generic)
1.5 cups 2% milk (we used SKIM)
2 cups vanilla ice cream

spoon 1 tsp. syrup into each of 4 glasses (yeah...well, we used 2!). roll each glass to coat bottom & side of glass (make it pretty!). finally chop 4 cookies & set aside.

quarter remaining cookies (we just put in blender & poured milk over to soften). place in blender. add milk & ice cream. blend until smooth.


ps. the bottom of the package says like 680 calories per glass we had -- yikes! so, if you did what the recipe said & split into 4, it'd be 380. if you want more nutritional info, ask me, or look on a package or oreos! xoxo

Saturday, September 14, 2013

a good find.

hey there, friend. 

so...have i told you of my love of pretty much all things black & ivory? not black & white, but black & ivory (not to say that i don't like some things black & white, i just prefer ivory (: ). well, if i haven't...


i just think there is something so classic about those two colors...pretty timeless (in most cases).

so, these lamps. adam & i were up to something... OH YES. we were going to our Ministry Fair at church (we showed up on the wrong night), but it was the night i graduated, so we thought we better get a celebration meal! taco johns sounded good, haha, and the closest one was in the mall (plus our BOGO coupon, so YAY). we show up at the mall & it's moved. drat. luckily, just right across the street. we eat. we conquer. then, i remember there's a hobby lobby close. i ask if we can go. success. 

walking through hobby lobby & the clock is ticking to closing time. i hear them make the first call over the mic, but i don't want to stray too far from where i'm at. you see, husband has went to the restroom & i want him to know where to find me. well, as i'm wasting some time, i see these bad boys below. just out of curiosity, i checked the tag...woah. then i looked to see if the 2nd was on clearance, too. double woah...

WAS $80... THEN $16... THEN $7.99. 

that's right. these bad boys came home with me right at closing time. now, they're sitting on either side of our bed looking fabulous. do they look a little dr. suess(ish)? yes. are they simultaneously amazing? for sure. hope you're enjoying them as much as i am. i'll try & getcha a picture of them in their habitat someday soon(ish).

until then, 
xoxo, j

this morning.

remember how i told you about adam's Bible study, 33, he's going to on Saturday mornings (find here)? well, he had it today again (i didn't stay up this time). in fact, i don't even remember him leaving! ah. anyways, when i finally did wake up, he was already home settled back in & watching some tv... as i was walking to the kitchen, this beautiful collection of favorites caught my eye. 

i was so excited. 

you see, those are my FAVORITE chocolates. like, ever... and sharpies...well, let's just say me & sharpies are bests (and they're neon, hello?!)...and the origami crane, gasp (more on that another day)... 

he made my day. 
made my day.

he's a great guy. he didn't do it to get anything in return. he just did it because he knew his wife would get so excited & run into his arms & give him hugs & kisses & it would make her feel like an absolute doll...and i love him for that! 

sometime funny he told me after was, "the sharpies were even on sale, jace! and the chocolates were the last ones on the shelf!" (he knows i love my sales!!!)...

hope this finds your saturday amazing. i'm going to clean up our spare room before we head over to brother & sister's for some saturday football. 


ps. check out my friend amanda's blog, We&Serendipity, to see what she's doing for her husband this weekend!

i wore the dress!

remember my 'dress week' i was telling you about? well...i wore the dress the very next Sunday to church! it had sat in my closet & every time i saw it, i was way excited to wear it!

here was us after church:

and why yes, i did pick adam's cute little outfit out to match mine! :) :) :) his little neon yellow shirt & jordans! i very much enjoyed this dress & will wear it again...the only downfall? when you sit, it gets deceptively short (i thought it was a nice length standing!)... i just kept my Bible on my lap the whole time & kept trying to pull it down! :) 

adam's shirt: gap (for like $3)
adam's shorts: good question
adam's shoes: jordans

my dress: kohl's
my belt: good question
my shoes: target (for like $3)


do something nice.

sometimes i struggle with discontentment (is that the right word?)...not being content... i don't always recognize it at first, but when i find myself wishing i had something else, i have to snap out of it...i try to do it really fast because the truth is, God has blessed Adam & I so much. we have more than we would ever need. ever. however, sometimes you find yourself daydreaming about more, more, more... 

to conquer this, i start to the God for everything that we do have...or i'll lay in bed at night just focusing on gratitude (i told you a bit about this here). because once you start thanking God for all that you have, you realize how gracious his blessings are.

another thing i do for fun, but can sort of tie into this is try to focus on other people. what can i do for others? what can i help others with? what can i make for others? how can i make others happy? is there something i can do to show this person God's love? this all ties into being selfless, folks...

*small acts of kindness can go a long way. i made plates of banana bread & brought them to work & to my woman's Bible study. people might not even notice or thank you or even think anything of it, but that's okay! you're not doing it to get glory, right?!'re doing it because this is just another small step in serving others! *

and sometimes when we are constantly focusing on self, we focus on what we think we don't have...but when we look around us & all we have, we realize how blessed we are...and our heart fills with gratitude. use that thankful heart to bless others. the more you bless others, the more your heart fills even MORE with God's love & helps on your quest to be more turn, becoming more & more like Christ.

my challenge to you & myself this week: 
do ONE thing per day for someone else. one intentional thing. and before, during or after you do it, pray. pray that what you just did may bring God the glory. not yourself, but God. and pray that God uses you & that 'good deed' to expose His light to that person (look at you becoming quite the evangelist!). 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

God is sovereign.

husband & i were having another one of our talks that i love so much...we had just gotten home from our Bible study wednesday night. after church, we use the car ride (& sometimes it spills over to when we're home) to talk about our thoughts of the sermon/study, pondering what pastor said, pondering different scriptures, thinking about other viewpoints, etc. wednesday was no exception, so we laid on the bed for quite some time chatting...

i often get sidetracked, but one important thought that crossed my mind...and out of my mouth came this:

NO matter what you're going through...or what you've been through...or what you may be put through...our Lord is King...He is so sovereign. He is totally & utterly in control. when our lives & world may be spinning crazy around us, let yourself be filled with peace because..He knows what He is doing. sometimes this can be very difficult to remember when things are going poorly. but i challenge you to tuck this away in your heart. He WILL take care of you.

Matthew 11:28-29 tells us, "Come to me, all you who are weary & burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you & learn from me, for I am gentle & humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

i was just going through a bunch of pictures i had saved to my computer & saw this one. i haven't even been going through a rough time lately (praise God, i am thankful for that), but it just struck a cord with me. 

if one of you lovies reading this is, i hope this encourages you. He knows what He is doing. sometimes when i'm finding myself in a crumby or challenging situation (no matter how big or small) or biting my tongue when i want to say something (gossip or 'sticking it to someone')...or turning the channel when i want to watch something (that is probably inappropriately dramatic, gossipy or immodest)...or putting away that food that i want to eat (simply out of boredom -- gluttony)... i remind myself that i am building strength. when i do something that i don't want to do & is tough for me (but i do it because i am a follower of Christ & He calls & directs me to paths of righteousness (Psalms 23:3), i keep reminding myself through the Lord's grace, He is making me stronger for the next trial...for the next time i face something difficult. and maybe if i can overcome these smaller obstacles, the bigger ones will be easier. 

separate, but similar thought: you don't grow much through the easy-peasy times. you find growth in times of hardship... looking back on my husband's life or my life, the time that the Lord allowed us to flourish the most was after a trial. it's actually pretty amazing to look back & say, "God, thank you for that difficult time. even though i didn't understand it at the time, You did have a plan." and then you can remind yourself the next time of that! of Him providing & taking care of you! who knows, maybe the next time i'm going through something difficult, i'll be able to look back at this & remind myself as well!


Monday, September 9, 2013

one thankful wife.

adam & i are starting a couple of courses at our church this coming wednesday. his is called Men's Fraternity (maybe you've heard of it?) & he's also doing one entitled 33 on saturday mornings. mine is called Sweeter than Chocolate. we both had some serious homework to do tonight, since we missed out on opening week.

 even before we got started on our homework, we had talked for over an hour about God...things in our life dealing with God...good vs. bad things in our life...and other things... other nights, the book i'm reading: Not Even a Hint by Joshua Harris... the book he is reading: The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel...i don't know...there is just something so exciting about sitting down with your spouse & really diving into God's Word. or discussions about The Word. and i'm so proud that God chose him for me. a man who i can do this with. a man who i can see growing in our Lord. a man who can help me grow in our Lord. and our future children, as well.

there's just something so exciting about seeing your husband studying God's word. something exciting about doing nightly devotions. something exciting about praying before meals together. something exciting about walking into church to worship together. something special about our drives home & the discussions that follow. something exciting about having that blessing beside me.

i guess i say all of that to say this: I AM THANKFUL
i am thankful for the man i married. i am thankful for the man he was. i am thankful for the man he is. i am thankful for the man he will become. 

God has blessed me richly in abundance with this man & i have never EVER met another human being...ever...boy OR girl... who i mesh with SO well. i know that everyone says it, but add me to the list... he IS my best friend. my pal. my buddy. my chum. my husband. my love. my beloved. my sweetheart. my companion. for as long as the Lord allows me to have him.

he absolutely makes me laugh. and roll my eyes. and laugh some more. when i started to complain about wrinkles, he says, "Jace, you don't know how lucky you are to even have wrinkles (or even think you have wrinkles because you don't). Some people don't get that privilege." since then, i'm not going to say that i love the little crow's feet i see, but i look at them as a blessing of a happy life. and i know that because i'm with him, there will be many more laugh lines to come...and i'm okay with that! :)

this picture above is something kinda special. as he was giving 'our' speech at the wedding thanking everyone specifically for being there...and remembering the people who weren't...he picked me to thank...ME! totally caught my off guard which is why you see the awkward look on my face. i can't remember all the sweet things he said (i should watch the video again -- anniversary?!), but i can remember how i felt. and he made me feel like a million bucks. being appreciated. and being loved. 

anyways, this is just a bunch of blabber i suppose... but maybe... no, not IS ALWAYS a good time to tell your husband you love him...and appreciate him...and are proud of him...! and give him a big 'ol wet kisseroni! i'm sure he'll appreciate it! 


Saturday, September 7, 2013

dress week!

'ello lovelies! just HAD to share some great deals with you this week. i love wearing dresses, but unfortunately many dresses today are pretty itty bitty or really expensive, but...when i found these gems i had to get 'em! they're perfect for church! really the only place i wear dresses!

okay, a little backstory. adam & i have just bought a carpet cleaner from Kohl's. it's a Hoover...listen to why we bought it from Kohl' is generally around $258...anywhere...well, it was on sale at Kohl's for $179.99...boom. my fantastic sister gave me a 20% off coupon on top of that...bam! and my super cool brother had given me a $50 Kohl's giftcard for my birthday...pow! so, it brought the $258 carpet cleaner to UNDER $100!!! seriously!?! woah. AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER! they had a deal going on that for however much you spent, you'd get Kohl's cash, which i got $30 of...! So...basically...I got... 

THESE THREE DRESSES FOR AROUND $8 (their regular prices total $190, eww!)!!!'s how my morning started...this was my 'taking husband out for a surprise breakfast outfit'...that i told you about! he tells me over & over how his favorite 'outfits' on me (if you can call them that) are sweats & my comfies! well, perfect...because those are my favorite things to wear! so, anyways...i put on some cute little comfies! :) 

this is DRESS #1. i bought it the same night as the carpet cleaner... it was an additional 20% off sale = $5.12 + tax... i wasn't sure about it because it was kinda boxy, but when i added a belt, i really liked it. 


this is DRESS #2. i love the peter pan collar...LOVE IT. however, it was pretty big in the waist...i mean, hang off, i probably will have to alter it, eventually...or, just keep wearing this belt with it! i think it's very precious & sort of retro(ish). remember, Kohl's cash, so practically FREE!

DRESS #3...probably my favorite! and Adam's, too (even though he told me he still prefers my sweats!). as i was walking out of the store, i realized i'd missed a sale section! gasp! so, i checked it out... i saw that the tag said XS & i was like, yeah right...BUUUT, i decided to try for it anyways, because it was a boxy XS...i think it's suppose to hang off of you, but who cares, i like the fit on me! i had bought a couple of things i wasn't too crazy about because i wanted to spend all of me Kohl's cash, so i ended up just exchanging them for this! woohoo! i will definitely be wearing this in the fall/winter!

isn't this exciting! honestly, i don't go to Kohl's unless i have...TIME. because it's kind of messy...BUT, if you have time...GO THERE. you can find some killer deals! love it! 

also, can i note how wierd sizes are? i mean, i know i'm loosing weight, but... normally i'm around an 8 now-a-days & can fit into a 10, too... but the 10 up top was BIG in the waist...but maybe someone just stretched it out? and i'm definitely not an XS, but this fit...SO WIERD! i'm happy either way! :) eek.

loves to all! :) 
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