Saturday, September 14, 2013

this morning.

remember how i told you about adam's Bible study, 33, he's going to on Saturday mornings (find here)? well, he had it today again (i didn't stay up this time). in fact, i don't even remember him leaving! ah. anyways, when i finally did wake up, he was already home settled back in & watching some tv... as i was walking to the kitchen, this beautiful collection of favorites caught my eye. 

i was so excited. 

you see, those are my FAVORITE chocolates. like, ever... and sharpies...well, let's just say me & sharpies are bests (and they're neon, hello?!)...and the origami crane, gasp (more on that another day)... 

he made my day. 
made my day.

he's a great guy. he didn't do it to get anything in return. he just did it because he knew his wife would get so excited & run into his arms & give him hugs & kisses & it would make her feel like an absolute doll...and i love him for that! 

sometime funny he told me after was, "the sharpies were even on sale, jace! and the chocolates were the last ones on the shelf!" (he knows i love my sales!!!)...

hope this finds your saturday amazing. i'm going to clean up our spare room before we head over to brother & sister's for some saturday football. 


ps. check out my friend amanda's blog, We&Serendipity, to see what she's doing for her husband this weekend!

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