Saturday, September 7, 2013

scaredy cat.

so...this morning adam had to get up at...5:30 (boo, early) for a study group called '33' that our neighbor invited him to. since he definitely wasn't up for getting up that early, i decided i would get up with him! that way, he wouldn't have to be alone & he wouldn't have to see me all curled up cuddly in bed. despite his best efforts to have me go back to bed, it wasn't happening! i did i don't even know how many crunches & then some pelvic lifts...and then i went for a walk/run that i ALLLMOST talked myself out of. 

you see, i'm a scaredy cat. i don't know if it's because i grew up in a wittle bitty town, or what...but i just don't like going places out & about by myself at night....or in the middle of the night... or in the morning when it's still dark. depending on where i'm at, i don't care if it's daytime -- i just don't want to be there alone. EXAMPLE: trails. i mean, right now, we live in a small(ish) town, but i still won't go on the trails by myself. granted, the one time i worked up the courage to, it was only because my man, Truman, came with...that ended in disaster when i burned his paws off on the asphalt. :( poor little guy. more on that some other time, perhaps. 

i digress. this morning. i asked adam if he thought raccoons or coyotes would get me. he said, "yes. now i think you should go back to bed!" didn't work. he said that in all seriousness, i might see a raccoon, but they'd probably be more scared of me. and he also didn't think coyotes went roaming our streets at night. i'm less convinced. 

so. what did i do, you ask? i got on my tenny-runners & ventured off into the night, er, morning...we both left the house at 5:45. he on his way to this group & me on my run/walk. i got a little ways & scared myself out of running the straight mile into the middle of, i turned around & walked a few times around the lighted up convenience store & grocery store that was opening up! :) how proud hubs will be when i tell him!

i wish i wasn't such a scaredy pants & i think i could toughen up, if i had to, but...for now i'm just a scaredy cat. hey, atleast i am up early enough to get some things done! maybe this is what God is trying to tell us woman about in Proverbs 31 (also, these people are so great: Proverbs 31 Ministries) when they're talking about rising up early...i'm sure among other things! i think this may be a really good habit to get into! especially before i'm made to when we have kiddoboppers!

can anyone relate?

anyways, since husband had to get up sooo early...i'm surprising him with BREAKFAST (yum) at a new restaurant in town...note, there are like 2 restaurants in this town. yes, i'm it! so, this is the one that opens early! OH! and i have a BOGO coupon. savvy! he already ate 2 toaster strudels this AM, so i hope he's still hungry! :) he LOVES those things & they were on sale! good thing he ran out of time or he would have ate more!

after nephew's baptism...yes, that is a Pizza Ranch. YUM. (i just posted this one because it was same-day as the below ones! thanks for taking the picture daddsiepoos!)

this is what adam wishes he was doing (photos courtesy of my 2 year old niece -- thanks, Addi!)

probably what he is doing! :)

he cracks me up -- love this man! have a very happy Saturday!

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