Sunday, September 22, 2013

shopping run.

adam's best (guy) friend is getting married. adam is in the wedding. do i have a TON of dresses i could wear? yes... would they 'match' adam's super-cute tux & wedding colors? no. i know, i'm silly, but i'm the girl who likes to play matchy-matchy with husband sometimes.

i've procrastinated because the wedding is next weekend. but look, i don't need a new dress, so i don't want to spend a lot... i also was planning on getting a second one for rehersal, but i think i've given up on that... we'll just match in colors that aren't they're wedding colors. they won't care. :) 

so, thursday i went shopping after work. friday i went shopping for a bit after work (before datenight) and then went back with husband after date night. and saturday i went shopping. i found lots of goodies! ...among them, maybe a dress...?

***i know 5 new leggings is a bit excessive. i am self-reflecting right now & thanking God for all the blessings we have right & the ability to buy silly things like this!***

leggings. i LOVE leggings. husband doesn't mind them, but doesn't love them... here they are. the awesome Victoria's Secret ones (glitter damask & shiny gold) were like over $50. i spotted them when they first came out. yeah, no thanks on the price...even though glitter is my thing & so is damask -- perfect combo! anyways, they were on SALE, in my size PLUS i had a giftcard... so... FREE. and i had 2 FREE PANTY i got 2 FREE PANTYS! bam. 
***sidenote, i like THICK leggings for outside. the only place i've found them is The Limited when i worked there & not since... :( even victoria's secret ones aren't very thick...but these are yoga leggings & are thick. SWISH!***

gumball leggings? yes, gumball leggings. hilarious. can't wait. patriotic AMERICA leggings? why, yes please! both $5 from Delia's. i'll keep you posted! they're thin & not warm, so they might just be worn around the house or hanging out around Christmas or Thanksgiving inside! and those NEON jeggings? from the gap...ended up being like $11. not great, but definitely not bad...great colors! :)

BELOW you'll see some smelly goodies i found at TJMAXX. i think it's all natural, but they smell very light, but very YUMMY! i'd never heard of Cat Kidston, but i think we're going to get along just fine! i thought this room spay was body spray! HA! and this lotion is yummy. for some reason, i feel kinda fancy wearing these. they're vintagey, too. 

like my pants above, i got husband a good deal on these shirts, too (from Gap). he'll wear whatever i get! :) i think they ended up being $3.97 before sale w/ an additional 30% off? so, i got them for under $3 per...he wore one to church today! :) very handsome.

this dress... might be the one i wear to the wedding. i don't love it, i don't hate it. by the way, who would pay $98 for this? not me. anyways, their colors are navy & yellow w/ Vera Wang charcoal tuxes. it'll look very cute. i might put a yellow or cream belt, but idk yet. im still on the hunt for shoes, maybe a different dress, we'll see. so, this one... you can see the progression of decline on the prices. guess where i found it? not tjmaxx (max studio), but GOODWILL. so, i paid like $5.87 or whatever the price it. bam. the only downfall to the dress is it pretty form fitting...and the one shoulder thing sort of throws me off...that's'll probably still be the dress i rock. and match husband. :)

i found a PERFECT dress at charlotte russe for $15. the small was getting ready to show my cheekers & the large was hanging off me, but they didn't have a medium. i could have altered the large, but there was a snag in it. sad day.

so, this dress is from American Living & i found it at looks an awful lot like one of my bridesmaid's dresses (they all wore different black dresses -- snazzy!). i thought it'd just be a nice sunday dress. it's a bit big, but that gives me some wiggle room once we get pregnant (not trying, i just like to plan wwaaaaaaaaaay ahead!).

and i had a $5 off $20 coupon. and since i was already up to almost $15, i figured i might as well find something else to get me to $20 & then i could use the coupon & BAM. so, i got the 2 dresses above, this Geoffory Bean gingham shirt & a picture frame & a book for $15 from Goodwill. i think i'm going to wear the button up just under a snazzy vest (not the one pictured). 

i don't know what i'm going to wear the fur vest with, but i found it at salvation army for $3. i did some searching via google images to see how people dressed them & i am really digging some of them... we'll see. i'll let you know! :) HA! notice how they're all hanging up? that's because i hadn't washed them & didn't want them touching our bed (the fur vest had been washed)!

anyways, love sharing my good deals with you! DON'T BE AFRAID TO THRIFT (or find something by a dumpster, lol)! you might find some really good goodies! just wash them well!


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