Saturday, September 7, 2013

dress week!

'ello lovelies! just HAD to share some great deals with you this week. i love wearing dresses, but unfortunately many dresses today are pretty itty bitty or really expensive, but...when i found these gems i had to get 'em! they're perfect for church! really the only place i wear dresses!

okay, a little backstory. adam & i have just bought a carpet cleaner from Kohl's. it's a Hoover...listen to why we bought it from Kohl' is generally around $258...anywhere...well, it was on sale at Kohl's for $179.99...boom. my fantastic sister gave me a 20% off coupon on top of that...bam! and my super cool brother had given me a $50 Kohl's giftcard for my birthday...pow! so, it brought the $258 carpet cleaner to UNDER $100!!! seriously!?! woah. AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER! they had a deal going on that for however much you spent, you'd get Kohl's cash, which i got $30 of...! So...basically...I got... 

THESE THREE DRESSES FOR AROUND $8 (their regular prices total $190, eww!)!!!'s how my morning started...this was my 'taking husband out for a surprise breakfast outfit'...that i told you about! he tells me over & over how his favorite 'outfits' on me (if you can call them that) are sweats & my comfies! well, perfect...because those are my favorite things to wear! so, anyways...i put on some cute little comfies! :) 

this is DRESS #1. i bought it the same night as the carpet cleaner... it was an additional 20% off sale = $5.12 + tax... i wasn't sure about it because it was kinda boxy, but when i added a belt, i really liked it. 


this is DRESS #2. i love the peter pan collar...LOVE IT. however, it was pretty big in the waist...i mean, hang off, i probably will have to alter it, eventually...or, just keep wearing this belt with it! i think it's very precious & sort of retro(ish). remember, Kohl's cash, so practically FREE!

DRESS #3...probably my favorite! and Adam's, too (even though he told me he still prefers my sweats!). as i was walking out of the store, i realized i'd missed a sale section! gasp! so, i checked it out... i saw that the tag said XS & i was like, yeah right...BUUUT, i decided to try for it anyways, because it was a boxy XS...i think it's suppose to hang off of you, but who cares, i like the fit on me! i had bought a couple of things i wasn't too crazy about because i wanted to spend all of me Kohl's cash, so i ended up just exchanging them for this! woohoo! i will definitely be wearing this in the fall/winter!

isn't this exciting! honestly, i don't go to Kohl's unless i have...TIME. because it's kind of messy...BUT, if you have time...GO THERE. you can find some killer deals! love it! 

also, can i note how wierd sizes are? i mean, i know i'm loosing weight, but... normally i'm around an 8 now-a-days & can fit into a 10, too... but the 10 up top was BIG in the waist...but maybe someone just stretched it out? and i'm definitely not an XS, but this fit...SO WIERD! i'm happy either way! :) eek.

loves to all! :) 

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