Saturday, March 15, 2014

little sweets.

honestly, it's the little, thoughtful things that husband does for me that makes my heart feel joyful... 

for example, i woke up this morning to this note. husband had already left at like 5:30 am to play ball at this Church & i was having my weekly Bible study with my dear friend, Erica. even that early in the morning, he knew it would melt my little heart to wake up to this. just something simple. something so sweet.  it is now hanging on my bathroom mirror for me to look at everyday. i love it. 

the other thing i noticed is that he took the little friend's collars off. this may not seem like a big deal, but it's just something sweet we do to think of each other. because these little friends are noisy...anytime they move they jingle with their collars. so, in order to let the other person sleep without distraction, the collars go off. and he was too sweet to do this today. 

thanks for the little things, mi amor!

love you!

do something sweet.

challenge! right now, go & do something sweet for the hunky husband in your life... it doesn't matter how small the gesture -- just something to let him know you're thinking of him. something to let him know he's loved. here's what i did the other night after i got some $.10 lipstick! :)

so, if you have some old lipstick you don't like, go fill up your bathroom mirror is what i'm saying! :) 


DIY: birthday poster (take II)

remember how i showed you HERE the birthday poster i made for a coworker's son FIRST birthday?! well, another PAL of mine -- her niece is celebrating her first birthday tomorrow & she requested one, too! 

just wanted to share my FUN work with you! i figure that God blessed me with creativity, so its happiness to share it with others! :) 

let me know if you want me to make something for you! :) 

walgreens deals.

you know how some things are 'too good to be true'... well, it's cheesy, but this deal i got was too good AND true!

my friend texted me a picture of her coffee table FILLED with goodies (things like full size body was bottles, etc) with a little note that said, "got all of this for under $9!" i asked her how figuring she had done some extreme coupon-ing! NOPE! a local Walgreens had all of their clearance items for $.10! YES... TEN CENTS!
i asked her if she left anything & she said not really... but i had a little extra time & decided to swing by anyways... well, i found PLENTY of stuff! in fact, i found 119 ITEMS & got them for under $12. woah. crazy deal, right? 

i might resell some at a garage sale, but the rest of it is going to our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for next year! normally, we go to Dollar Tree, but this is even cheaper yet, which means more goodies & more kids to helP! :)  LOVE IT!!! :) 

OH YEAH! so then...i wanted to go to the other Walgreens to clean them out... but sad face, they didn't have the same deal! oh well, i got all sorts of good stuff for little gals to make them feel loved by God! :) 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo! :)
happy deal hunting! :) 


seasoned pretzel recipe.

a friend that i used to work with gave me the recipe for these goodies & i just made them so thought i would pass them onto you. they're delicious, but BEWARE -- LOTS of saltiness!

(4) 8 oz bags of butter braid pretzels (i used all different kinds of pretzels)

1 Cup extra virgin olive oil
1 pkg ranch dip mix (i used generic)
1 TBS McCormick's Montreal Chicken Grill mate  (used the whole pkg of Montreal Steak Grill mate)
1 TBS dillweed
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper



and then...the most important part...SHARE! i made little baggies for all my neighbors in our building (most of which i don't know -- to try & build relationships with) & included little notes & hung them on their door... THEN, i made a big bag for another office of coworkers (who gave me the recipe) & sent them a miss you note! :)

pass the love on! :) 

this post made me want to snack on them, so i am as we speak! :) mmm.
 let me know what you think!

caprese lasagna roll ups.

hey all!

a while back, a friend gave me the recipe for these & i loved 'em. they are perfect for when you have company over & you could easily feed 8 people (we have bunches of leftovers). 

ps. I just bought marinara & didn't make my own :)

let me know what your tastebuds think! :)
your not so cooking expert, Jacie NOELLE

duchamp LONDON ties.

i don't know about you, but i am in love with these ties for hunky husband...i mean, seriously. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE & QUARKY! we were walking in TJMaxx & i stopped dead in my tracks (see the bottom two pictures). they were like STILL $40 ($140 online website) at TJ, so no thanks...but we took pics for me to search online... THEY ARE SO CHARMING!


does anyone know where to find them cheaper? he'd look SO handsome (i mean, he does already, but these would 'accentuate'... :) )


ps. they have sweet boeties & SOCKS & shirts & all sorts of stuff, too! yes, please.

fourth of july blanket.

last year, i found a pretty sweet grandpa sweater ($3.59 at goodwill) that i had EVERY intention of wearing specifically for the 4th of July (i left it on the i know, i know...i've already been told that people don't wear sweaters for the 4th (but what if it gets cold for the fireworks?) least i have it, incase! and this year, look what i found! couldn't pass up this sweet CHEVRON KNIT BLANKET from goodwill ($3.99) specifically for the purpose of a patriotic blanket for the 4th! 

it's going to be of great use while we're sitting on the hill watching the fireworks by the river & i'm so excited to share my newest little treasure with you! even truney loves it! :)

and yes, if you ever buy blankies or stuff from goodwill/salvation army, WASH THEM IMMEDIATELY! :) ...maybe a couple times for good measure! :) 

excited to celebrate this year with my coolio blankey!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ooshy gooshy love.



i didn't want to forget...

about today after work. 

husband is always thinking of other people & doing nice things for other people...but naturally, i can forget sometimes... so, i think i'm going to start writing more stuff here. that way...maybe in the future, i/we can look back on these things...who knows?!

anyways, here's the scene. 

we're walking inside from work. adam has hands (pretty much) full with puppy & some other stuff. it's icy. we have a neighbor whom is a little older walking towards us. 

Adam: "hey, how's it going, tim?"
Tim: "good *insert talking about the weather or something*
Adam: "hey is that trash in your hand?"
Tim: "yeah!"
Adam: "oh here, let me take & throw that away for you!"

adam goes & throws away his garbage. i was just getting something out of my car, but didn't really know what had taken place, so i asked if he was carrying his garbage...adam told me what had happened... 


it's things like this that make me so thankful for the man i have. i mean, who does that? not many people is the answer...but sometimes...sometimes there are a few who step up & are just like that. and i'm thankful i got one of the few. 

with a thankful heart to the One whom made thankful hearts, 
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