Saturday, March 15, 2014

fourth of july blanket.

last year, i found a pretty sweet grandpa sweater ($3.59 at goodwill) that i had EVERY intention of wearing specifically for the 4th of July (i left it on the i know, i know...i've already been told that people don't wear sweaters for the 4th (but what if it gets cold for the fireworks?) least i have it, incase! and this year, look what i found! couldn't pass up this sweet CHEVRON KNIT BLANKET from goodwill ($3.99) specifically for the purpose of a patriotic blanket for the 4th! 

it's going to be of great use while we're sitting on the hill watching the fireworks by the river & i'm so excited to share my newest little treasure with you! even truney loves it! :)

and yes, if you ever buy blankies or stuff from goodwill/salvation army, WASH THEM IMMEDIATELY! :) ...maybe a couple times for good measure! :) 

excited to celebrate this year with my coolio blankey!


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