Saturday, March 15, 2014

duchamp LONDON ties.

i don't know about you, but i am in love with these ties for hunky husband...i mean, seriously. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE & QUARKY! we were walking in TJMaxx & i stopped dead in my tracks (see the bottom two pictures). they were like STILL $40 ($140 online website) at TJ, so no thanks...but we took pics for me to search online... THEY ARE SO CHARMING!


does anyone know where to find them cheaper? he'd look SO handsome (i mean, he does already, but these would 'accentuate'... :) )


ps. they have sweet boeties & SOCKS & shirts & all sorts of stuff, too! yes, please.


  1. Just did some checking on the internet and found the bottom tie you liked on eBay. You might try there...happy Duchamp tie shopping!

    1. Hey now YOU ROCK! :) thanks so much for the heads up! :)


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