Saturday, March 15, 2014

walgreens deals.

you know how some things are 'too good to be true'... well, it's cheesy, but this deal i got was too good AND true!

my friend texted me a picture of her coffee table FILLED with goodies (things like full size body was bottles, etc) with a little note that said, "got all of this for under $9!" i asked her how figuring she had done some extreme coupon-ing! NOPE! a local Walgreens had all of their clearance items for $.10! YES... TEN CENTS!
i asked her if she left anything & she said not really... but i had a little extra time & decided to swing by anyways... well, i found PLENTY of stuff! in fact, i found 119 ITEMS & got them for under $12. woah. crazy deal, right? 

i might resell some at a garage sale, but the rest of it is going to our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes for next year! normally, we go to Dollar Tree, but this is even cheaper yet, which means more goodies & more kids to helP! :)  LOVE IT!!! :) 

OH YEAH! so then...i wanted to go to the other Walgreens to clean them out... but sad face, they didn't have the same deal! oh well, i got all sorts of good stuff for little gals to make them feel loved by God! :) 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo! :)
happy deal hunting! :) 


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