Tuesday, June 25, 2013

this scarf.

i've been oogling over american flag gear for the last...i don't know...few years. what i've been oogling over lately is an american flag scarf. my friend megan found a nice one at the farmer's market this weekend. i think it was like $25. not too bad...i just couldn't do it because i want to keep looking...and because i found THIS one at Fashion Scarves for You on etsy...only $14.99!

but...the one that caught my eye...on the cover of Pregnancy & Newborn magazine is from Votary. heard of them? yeah, me either...BUT, this scarf is so cool... i told husband that i want it (or one like it). he immediately picked up the magazine to find out where he could get it for me (sweet, right?!). but, i knew it would be a price that was WAY too much for my dutch blood. and i was right -- $75. no way. i mean, i made him promise he wouldn't... :) maybe...just maybe if i get good at crocheting/knitting, i can make my own?! :) 

without further ado, the scarf that i want, but will never allow myself or anyone to buy me because i'm too cheap & will continue the hunt for a cheaper, JUST AS cute one...:)


yeah, okay...even though i'd never get husband to wear a scarf, they seriously make boys & girls matching ones...well, i'd make them matching ones :)

and this one...

AND THIS BLANKET! stop the madness, votary!!!

no thanks to $225, but yes please to the cutest little blanket out there! :)

anywhoooo...here's to continuing to be frugal with the $$ that the good Lord has blessed me with...and keeping my eyes peeled for good deals! :) 


good morning!

good morning, lovies. 

hope that your day is filled with the Spirit of God & that it is made wonderful! :) 

chin up, head held high & go get 'em, tiger!

later gater, 

Monday, June 24, 2013

FREE SAMPLES from Wedding Paper Divas!

so, i haven't tried this one yet, BUT...there's a special for 8 free samples from Wedding Paper Divas.

**UPDATE: i JUST ordered 8 free samples from this site. again, they DID NOT charge me for shipping. BAM! they let me upgrade to their 'premium' paper & i'm pretty sure they include envelopes!? maybe not, i don't really know... they have 'sample text' on the samples, as well, FYI.  after you're done with the sample, you can recycle the CUTE paper into something else! how resourceful! oh! i had to sign up for an account again, but they didn't even make me put in my CC info! awesome! anyways, i am just excited about this paper -- i will use it for something...and MAYBE, if their quality is good, i may order invites from them in the future?! who knows!? i love free & sharing free with you!**

i'm thinking you could even use this for other invites & get 8 free?! use code FREETRY perfect! they're also having a special going on to save 15% off your order until TOMORROW! use code 15stjune. let me know if you use either one of these! i wanna know! :)

continuing to look for good deals! :) 

FREE card from treat.

who doesn't love free stuff? 
i had a shutterfly gift card the my brother & sister gave me that they weren't going to use (target gives these to you when you do a registry with them -- score!). side note, thanks brother & sister!

so...while i was scouring the website figuring out what to personalize & ultimately buy, i saw the ad you see below. of course, being enticed by FREE, i clicked on it. and found out how truly adorable some of these cards are!

i got the one in the top left... i did, i do & i will always. honestly, i think i'm going to frame it & make it decor (after i give it to husband -- forget you saw this husband). i think it's absolutely charming, old-timey & plain cute... and FREE! did i meantion, you don't pay for shipping either?! DOUBLE SCORE! however, you do have to set up an account with them...which wasn't a huge deal for me because they're really cute & i might actually buy from them in the future. 

all things considering, they're prices are pretty low & their cards are pretty cute! :) and seeing $0.00 at the checkout helps...love it! i'll let you know (or try to report back) on how it is when i get it! :)

until then, go get yourself one or make one for someone else! :)

justification vs. sanctification

so...i chatted with you a bit here about some struggles that may be taking place in life... with doubts or letting those fearful, menacing thoughts into your mind...thoughts that corrupt what the truth of God is or try to exhaust your life with the Holy Spirit... thoughts that tell you lies & take your focus away from our loving God's word & message. 

adam & i have MANY books that i've purchased in bulk, but am slowly making my way through...purchased with the intentions of reading them all...it's just taking me a while. so...one day when i wanted to lay out, i wanted to pick a small(ish) book. adam & i looked for a little bit & i decided to read "not even a hint" by joshua harris. this is about guarding your heart against lust & how God expects not even a hint of lust. however, i have found this book to be much more than just discussing lust. i found a part that we have talked about in church, but it was nice to hear it again. and in the midst of my head & thoughts being anxious & exhausting me, this was just what i needed to relax & hand it back to God...just the reminder i needed. i wanted to share. 

this is an excerpt from the said book:

Two Important Words
An important part of standing firm in the gospel and avoiding legalism is understanding the difference between the work Christ accomplished to save us and the work of becoming holy that He enables us to participate in after we've been saved. Theologians assign the terms justification and sanctification to these two closely related but different concepts. 

C.J. Mahaney gives the following definition of each:

*Justification refers to your status before God. When you placed your faith in Jesus, God the judge handed down the verdict that you are righteous. He transferred the perfect sinless record of Jesus to you. God completely and totally forgave you. He not only wiped away the record of your sin; He credited the righteousness of His Son to you. 

*Sanctification is a process--the process of becoming more like Christ, of growing in holiness. This process began the instant you were converted and will not end until you meet Jesus face to face. Through the work of His spirit, through the power of His Word, and through fellowship with other believers, God peels away our desire for sin, renews our minds, and changes our lives. This ongoing work is what we call being sanctified.

Why do these theological terms even matter? Because they have everything to do with God's plan for changing sinners like you and me. 
Too many people confuse the process of sanctification with God's declaration of justification. In other words, they think that their work at becoming holy and fighting lust is what saves them. No! The process of sanctification is the result of being justified. Nothing we do in our pursuit of holiness adds to our justification.
All the necessary and important aspects of pursuing holiness don't add to our salvation; they're the response to and the result of God's finished work of justifying us. Christ died so that we could be freed from the hopeless task of trying to justify ourselves. We no longer have to grovel in obedience under the rule of our human contracts, or what John Stott calls our "systems of merit."
Our obedience cannot earn our forgiveness. Our sorrow cannot pay for our sins. Our tears cannot cover them. No amount of self-inflicted punishment can make us right before God. Even our own death is not enough. 
There is only one solution: to believe on Jesus Christ. To renounce all hope in our own ability to save ourselves and to place our faith in His ability to save us.

i hope this has encouraged you like it has me. i hope that you walk away overjoyed with the love our Lord has for us. and even when you don't always understand everything the Christ has done...or understand "why me?"...you just stop trying to figure it out, have gratitude & just accept it. 

lots of love,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Jesus, bring the rain.

sometimes, when you're doubting, confused, anxious or just plain have no idea what is going on in your head...you just need to take a deep breath & say, "whatever brings you glory! if some gloomy days are what it takes, then what it is..." and go on. taking a step back & KNOWING that God is in control...and letting him TAKE CONTROL, is all you need to get your anxious-ridden day, week, month, year...to calm itself down.

i think that the devil tries to corrupt our minds with confusion, doubt & distractions just because he is who he is...it's fun for him or something. but remember, Jesus is way stronger than Lucifer will EVER be. 

and through the rainy days, please remember that you need to trust the Lord & remember His promises. He keeps his promises. that is one thing that i had to remind myself today: He keeps His promises. 

sometimes, as i grow in my relationship with our Creator...as i dive deeper & deeper in His word, i am overwhelmed with life... good & bad... i am thankful with all that He has done, sometimes confused by the amount of love He has for us & then other times... i wonder if i'm 'doing it right'. if i'm 'going to make it to Heaven'...and other thoughts that cloud my head. and then these thoughts just pile up & i get anxious, worries & all those other silly things...

...i have to settle myself down & remind myself of God's promises...that since i am a child of His, i have been marked by the Holy Spirit. and i need to have FAITH in His promises. He is the Almighty God & He has me in the palm of His hand. and that sometimes, when we're having a crummy streak, that maybe this is something that is going to make your relationship with God a stronger one. 

Keep that chin up & be encouraged that He has an incredible plan & He knows what He is doing. even when you or i don't understand His plan, His love, His grace, His mercy...we just need to accept it & say, "okay". and have gratitude. and know that the Almighty knows exponentially more than our small human brains could ever know.

there is a song that this comes from; to hear the song (i couldn't find the 'official' music video!), click HERE!

a couple encouraging verses:
"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him."
James 1:12

"For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

if you've been having a tough time lately, know that i will be praying for you & your strength... and also place your trust in our Lord & His promises! and also, remind me to do the same! :)


Sunday, June 9, 2013

happy BEGINNING of the week!

'ello loves!

just wanted to write a little ditty encouraging you to make your week great! and to give a few little happies to make your heart smile. what could do that better than glitter (and God, of course!)?

WOAH. if i ever have a girl & chevron is still cool, this WILL be on her wall... well maybe. and let's face it...even if it's not cool, i guess! HA!

WOAH. doesn't this just tickle your eyes! you know another cool thought... i think i read this from the book, "Heaven is For Real", that he (Colton) saw colors we can't even imagine. whether you believe that or not is one thing, but it's definitely a crazy/cool thought! :) also, do you know the story of the RAINBOW & why God gave it to us?

there are SO many more pretty pictures that can make your eyes so excited & just plain ol' happy, but i just wanted to share a few! I hope that your week shines brighter than all of this glitter combined! I pray that our Lord blesses your week & also pray that His will be done in your life! Be the salt & light to those around you for Him! 

Happy Sunday evening!

delicious (probably not healthy) recipe

i don't even know what this recipe is called, SO... if you make it, you'll have to make up a fun new name for it. 

on random nights, when i have NO idea what i'm cooking, i'll just ask the girls at work. they'll give me a recipe, i'll go to the store & get the goodies...and i make it! :) here is one that i really liked! i made it forever ago, but like i've told you... i'm going through all my pictures & you're getting what you get! :)

you need:
2 boxes frozen broccoli (thawed)
*1 bag chicken breast
*velveeta slices
*1.5 cans cream of mushroom soup
*1/2 cup mayo
*1 can sliced water chestnuts
*fried onion rings

-preheat oven to 350 degrees

-line a 9x12 pan with BUBUBUTTER! :) (or you could just spray PAM/cooking spray).

-(if chicken is frozen) boil chicken for 20 minutes. when chicken cools, pull chicken apart until shredded (you could buy cans of shredded chicken, however this is much more cost effective). i think i used around 4 chicken breasts, but you could use the entire bag.

-mix EVERYTHING except the WATER CHESTNUTS & FRIED ONION RINGS together. pour this mixture into a 9x13 pan. cover with water chestnuts & sliced velveeta cheese.
 i'm not a huge fan of water chestnuts, but they were a really good 'crunch' in this recipe! ALSO, husband doesn't like broccoli, so i substituted 1/2 the broccoli with potatoes! it was delish, as well!

-cover with foil & bake for 30 minutes.

-after 30 minutes, take off cover & pour entire can of fried onion rings on top (like you use in green bean casserole). place in oven for another 10 minutes.

-let cool for a bit & enjoy! i usually always serve dinner with buttered bread! :)

potatoes on left; broccoli on right.
delicious everywhere!

feedback from me: LOVE it. 
feedback from hubs: it's alright. 

there you have it! if you try it out, comment below & let me know how you like/don't like it! :)

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