Monday, June 24, 2013

FREE card from treat.

who doesn't love free stuff? 
i had a shutterfly gift card the my brother & sister gave me that they weren't going to use (target gives these to you when you do a registry with them -- score!). side note, thanks brother & sister!

so...while i was scouring the website figuring out what to personalize & ultimately buy, i saw the ad you see below. of course, being enticed by FREE, i clicked on it. and found out how truly adorable some of these cards are!

i got the one in the top left... i did, i do & i will always. honestly, i think i'm going to frame it & make it decor (after i give it to husband -- forget you saw this husband). i think it's absolutely charming, old-timey & plain cute... and FREE! did i meantion, you don't pay for shipping either?! DOUBLE SCORE! however, you do have to set up an account with them...which wasn't a huge deal for me because they're really cute & i might actually buy from them in the future. 

all things considering, they're prices are pretty low & their cards are pretty cute! :) and seeing $0.00 at the checkout it! i'll let you know (or try to report back) on how it is when i get it! :)

until then, go get yourself one or make one for someone else! :)

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