Tuesday, June 25, 2013

this scarf.

i've been oogling over american flag gear for the last...i don't know...few years. what i've been oogling over lately is an american flag scarf. my friend megan found a nice one at the farmer's market this weekend. i think it was like $25. not too bad...i just couldn't do it because i want to keep looking...and because i found THIS one at Fashion Scarves for You on etsy...only $14.99!

but...the one that caught my eye...on the cover of Pregnancy & Newborn magazine is from Votary. heard of them? yeah, me either...BUT, this scarf is so cool... i told husband that i want it (or one like it). he immediately picked up the magazine to find out where he could get it for me (sweet, right?!). but, i knew it would be a price that was WAY too much for my dutch blood. and i was right -- $75. no way. i mean, i made him promise he wouldn't... :) maybe...just maybe if i get good at crocheting/knitting, i can make my own?! :) 

without further ado, the scarf that i want, but will never allow myself or anyone to buy me because i'm too cheap & will continue the hunt for a cheaper, JUST AS cute one...:)


yeah, okay...even though i'd never get husband to wear a scarf, they seriously make boys & girls matching ones...well, i'd make them matching ones :)

and this one...

AND THIS BLANKET! stop the madness, votary!!!

no thanks to $225, but yes please to the cutest little blanket out there! :)

anywhoooo...here's to continuing to be frugal with the $$ that the good Lord has blessed me with...and keeping my eyes peeled for good deals! :) 


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