a love story.

coming SOON(ish)!
until then, enjoy some of of wedding photos!


posts about my love.

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  1. Mrs. Jacie...I LOVE your Thanksgiving post! For "q", I suggest "quiet times?" y = young ones? Anyhow, I continue to be soooo impressed with you! You have your relationship with God off and running. It took me until age 36 to figure it out. I was stuck in Catholic churches because of my upbringing. Since I joined Hope Church in Dubuque a couple months ago, my life and everything about me makes sense. The sermon today was on God's Glory...some of your own words in your post. My children get soooo much more out of "their church" as well. Keeley, Brayden, and I have sponsored Haiti students so they can get an education and good meals at school. We have 3 persons to get xmas gifts for so they can feel God's grace and love for them. In September 2013 we are going to Haiti with a medical team to help out in any way we can. Kids are going too, but likely not Addison. My life is rich in my closer relationship to God. I attended a women's conference a few Saturday's ago. I meet with the speaker afterwards and explained my struggles. She prayed over me...it was amazing! A verse came to her that I try to read everyday to "refresh" me. The verse is: ...for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose." I left the church that day knowing my migraines would no longer be a problem. I haven't taken any of prescription medications since. God is providing for me so I can work for his purpose in me. God is great. His love overwhelms me. Bless you. I am sooo happy that Adam and you found each other...all part of God's plan:)


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