Thursday, February 20, 2014

my heart is in a puddle on the floor...

...because husband melted it. 

so, we had our 'Winter Party' for work a couple weeks ago... we sat & talked with a coworker/friend of was wonderful. i loved getting to talk & know her more... 

well, today as i was heating up my leftover sausage & pepperoni noodle bake (haha), she was like, "So, Jacie...I was meaning to ask...I totally understand what Adam brings to your life with keeping you 'grounded' & stuff...and I was curious what all you bring to him?" woah...what a great question... i gave her my two cents, but told her i would definitely ask husband & report back to her promptly! :)

by the time i got home, i'd forgotten exactly what the question was (the above is a general guess, too), but i tried to formulate the best i could for husband... he said since he wasn't exactly sure if there was a more specific question or not, but here's the first thing he said:

him: this is quite general, just make me a better person
me: how?
him: just by being you
me: but how exactly
him: laughs (because i tend to ask the same questions over & over) and then... you make me a better person just by being you. i have never met anyone at all who makes me be better like you do

okay, so, he never told me how, but he says that once i talk to my friend & get a more specific question that she wants, he can elaborate...apparently there is just soooooooooo many things that i do to make him better that he can't think of them all...! :) just teasing, but seriously. isn't that great? made my heart jump a little & he was straight faced serious & sincere... i love that. 

anyways, no matter how long you've been married, it's so always nice to hear these sweet things. they bring love, encouragement, sincerity, excitement to your heart & your relationship!

SO, run DON'T WALK, to your spouse & pay them a compliment or say something nice THAT YOU MEAN...make their heart smile at you & in turn yours will smile, too! :)


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