Thursday, May 31, 2012

cute kid stuff.

well...isn't this just clever? this site: is absolutely, positively SO adorable. after i check it out a bit more, i will most likely do a seperate post on it! CHECK IT OUT and i know you'll know what i mean! simply adorable.

"someday when i have kids..." :) i think these bookshelves are simply darling. i'm a huge bookshelf lover... is that wierd? i don't know, but i love the idea of having big long bookshelves like this in a child's room or toyroom! perhaps a little reading nook, if you may! with oogles & oogles of comfy pillows & beanbags to sit on!

usually i think that outfits/shirts/tshirts/onesies whatever with weird sayings on them look a little times... not all... but this one i like... i think it could definitely be super cute with the right ensemble! a hat, perhaps? or does this onesie seem gross? who knows. tell me below!

i lololove this concept. however, i don't think i like it on the wall. i think, for me, it would be better suited in a frame hanging on the wall -- but again, love the idea... i will probably do it! well, "someday when i have kids!" can you tell there's an ongoing theme in many of my posts?! that i'm excited to be a mommy!? don't get me wrong, we're SO content where we are at, but are definitely looking forward to the day (Lord willing, far in the future) when the good Lord blesses us with kiddos! until then, i'm content planning the babie's future room way in advance! :) oh how i make myself giggle!

these are GENIUS and i love them! i can't remember where i found them, but i will sure find out & post it here... hoefully! i am going to have to get one of these when we have kids! especially is they're as onry as mister husband! i kid, i kid!

i love this & want to do this myself! i feel like it would be too expensive to go buy all of these... well, unless you have a super good deal at hobby lobby, which CAN happen! but otherwise, it would almost be a fun little challenge to hunt down all the letters & do an entire wall of them... i like the idea of this being in the toyroom around the same area as the bookshelves... oh my goodness, i'm getting SO excited right now for years into the future! is that weird!?

lololoooove these little outfits! i had NEVER heard of 'abird' or whatever the brand is; seems like 'celebrity kids' wear it... oh i see why... the prices are out of this world insane... atleast the stuff i looked at... BUT, i lololove the looks! adam always says, "we're going to have a preppy kid, aren't we?" well, a well dressed kid, at least! haha, but... i do stock up with jordan & sports teams swag, already... so i have a feeling he's gunna LOVE what the kid is wearing...well, sometimes! :)

see? told ya!

this picture was SO cute... i just couldn't help but post it... and of course... i lololoooove chucks... especially little mini ones... and yes, i already have a pair! BAM! :)

better believe i will make these for my little gal someday (if i have one)!!!


i lololoooooove this idea--my little lady & i playing dress-up in tutus drenched in pearls & fun jewelry playing dress-up... and OF COURSE taking some pictures of it! OHHHH and adam with our little mini guy in their jordans playing ball or golfing. i love this idea (i probably will NOT be wearing a leotard though - HA)!

look forward to more additions (posts, not babies!!!) :)

coupon queen.

i love coupons. i'm sure that i've told you this. i love 'em. they're! and i am NEVER without them. i think sometimes i even embarass adam's brother & sister. i don't care. it saves money, honey. who doesn't like that?

so. since i lo.lo.loooove coupons SO much, i thought i would share some awesome coupon sites that i have found... and secret goodies that i've used! BAM! :)

1. never underestimate the power of a google search.
before buying something online, or instore for that matter, GOOGLE A COUPON CODE FOR IT. seriously. example, adam & i decided on culvers the other night... i googled a code... you had to sign up for an email, but then you get a BOGO (buy 1, get 1) coupon! saved us like $7 or $8 - BAM! also, we use a junk email for all of the sign-ups. you do NOT want to put them in the email you use... you'll get swamped for shizzle.

2. the entertainment book.
me with the entertainment book at Christmas. i had NO idea what it was. i had just moved to des moines & my brother hadn't a clue what to get me... so i got this. i can't say i was thrilled...until i started using it. and now i buy one EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. thank you, brother. you've contributed to my love of coupons. almost everything is BOGO and they even have retail stores in there!!! AMAZING! trips, vacations, hotels, food places... and the books they have are for YOUR SPECIFIC AREA - bam.

another helpful it after they originally come out... they always have 50% off or something crazy... and i'm telling you, even if you don't do that, you'll save the amount you paid for the book within the first few coupons... i think i pay between $15-$30. i know a bit before the next one comes out, you can get it for dollars. super cheap. my brotha.from.the.same.motha, jarryd, is super-savvy like that! BAM!

seriously. i follow these 2 girls blog... they have the best deals on here... and i lololove it! they seem just as money savvy as me! :)
in addition, they have a great idea/post here:
get free samples. all.the.time. remember... have that junk email... and go sign up for TONS OF FREE STUFF! plus, you'll probably get coupons with the swag! i've got a freebie already & lololove it... even if it is just 2 breathe right strips for hubs... haha, nerdo here.

4. Sunday paper
where i'm from, we have the Des Moines Register. every sunday there are tons of coupons in there.
 it will save you so much on groceries & make-up & other goodies. PLUS, you get to try new stuff. some weeks are hit or miss, but they usually last for a while... and you know what else is good, find a friend or two who do the same. if they aren't using their coupons, then trade. you can get ones you like that they don't. PLUS, if you go to Kum'n'Go on a sunday & put atleast $15 in your gastank, you get a FREE PAPER! yay!

ever. unless they're expired.
what i do is bring a little basket to work with all of the cut coupons that i don't want or won't use. that's right, i cut all of the coupons out of the paper, pick the ones i want, then let others have dibs. not only is it a nice gesture, but i have found that other people throw coupons in there that they don't have a use for! and i tell you what, i got some pretty good ones outta there.
what's the saying? another man's trash is another's treasure... or something like that! :)

well, that's all that i can think of. their may just be an addendum if i think of anything else, but until then... happy couponing & saving money, honey!
the (kinda) coupon queen (but not really)


you guys, i've found a few more sites for FREE SAMPLES. even ask hubs, i've been getting TONS in the mail! :) i even gave him a heads up that i was giong to be getting lots of boxes in the mail, but not to worry -- i didn't pay for any of it! :) yak yak yak.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

puppy love.

DISCLAIMER: this post is about sick dogs. literally sick dogs. complete with discussion of doggy diarrhea, doggy puke & other things doggy. yeow. you've been warned.

what a great question! NO. i have not.
why, jacie? oh, i will tell you why...

let's go back a few days to oh... friday night...maybe saturday morning... i'm not sure. we made a roadtrip to dubuque to adam's mom's house... adam hears the jingling of truman's collar. we are downstairs, truman is upstairs. adam starts yelling. i am confused. adam heard/caught/saw/i don't know truman jumping off of the kitchen chairs... truman likes to get up there to sniff around & see what food he can find.

he found some.

i should have taken a picture, but you could clearly see where his snout had punctured the strawberry rhubarb crisp; that is until he heard daddy yelling at him. one thing about truman...he has a really sensitive tummy. sydney is just fine with regular ol' dogfood, but tru... well, truman has to be on special food because he gets so sick. just another reason it's a very VERY bad idea for him to have people food, even rawhide among numerous other food goodies.

fastforward through the rest of the beautiful weekend...complete with doggy diarrhea, pooping in kennels and doggy vomiting. oh, joy.
then...lucky us... after work last night, sydney decides that she is going to be sick, too. i am taking care of sick husband, giving him a kiss or something (i know, right...pretty smart) and i turn mouth literally dropped. sydney's eyes got as wide as... i don't know-something wide... and that's when her tail went between her legs & she knew she was in trouble. more diarrhea. all.over.the.carpet.some on linoleum really? you couldn't atleast scoot 2 inches over & get it all on the linoleum? ick. so, i took skids (syds) outside... maybe there was more...i didn't want to find out inside. the smell was awful, as you can imagine. by the time i got back, adam had pretty much 'scooped' most of the goodies up. now for the good part: scrubbing. yay. so, i scrubbed the carpet so superduper hard...with the possibility of too much palmolive. yay. great. so, a gallon of soap, water and palmolive later, i set a towel over it & called it good. it should be noted here that adam did an amazing job getting me whatever i ordered! :) he's such a trooper. he's even the best helper when he's sickypoopoo.

but does the fun end there? duh, it couldn't. no way, we were having too much fun! well, it didn't, lucky for us. i mean, sure... she gave us a good few hours until we got to 'play' again. again, joy. i am not kidding you... i think the good Lord is using these dogs as a mini-prep for kiddos someday. i understand they're not the same, but man...

so, it's did you hear me? FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. before that even. ugh. at the risk of TMI, which i'm sure you've already experianced, adam farts on me. okay, no biggy. but it was loud. and woke me up. i was like, just crapped your pants. he was adamant that while the tooters was him, but the rancid stench was NOT. yeah right. no...really. yeah, right. it ended up getting us both out of bed it was SO bad. we found sydney UNDER THE BED. but no poopy. until we kept searching. it was all under the bed. in like a 2 foot span or something. gross.

oh, i did? okay... just checking.

so, that little incident led up to them going outside again & an hour long clean-up party. why, you ask? because. it was terrible terrible terribly difficult to get under that bed, adam's sick, it's an ackward position, it was a closed-in space with a rancid stench; the list goes on & on & on...

i bring them inside & adam, even sicky, is under the bed cleaning & being a good hubs. being a good wifey, i make him stop so i can finish up. it was awful. no, really... awful. he was on 'good sniffs' patrol. spraying febreeze in the air & fanning it towards my nosey... it was awesome. and cute. so, got the mess cleaned up.

see what i mean about God's preperation for us? quite comical. so, we are putting the bed back down & it 'misses the tracks'. i don't know what the means, but all i know is hubs wasn't pleased.
so... this means that we get to try and lift it up & put it down, but unfortunatly for us, it didn't work. so, at 5 AM, we got to take both mattresses off the bed, fix the 'undercarriage' of the bed, for lack of a better word & then try to put the mattresses back on correctly. oh, but wait! there's more fun... the metal on the side of our mattress broke.

joyful. neato. yay. that's exciting. i love it. woohoo! eeeeeeek!

so, adam got to get the tools out. get a hammer. pry the hanging part off. etc. then...there's the staples everywhere. mmmhm.
so, we got that all taken care of, mattresses back on, sheets put back, etc etc... then as i'm throwing the pillows back on the bed... i knock off all of the staples. happy morning! i make sure they aren't on the bed & ask adam if he's going back to be or staying up (it's about 6 am by this point). bed for him. great. me, too... with no staples on the bed (possibly under), we curl up for a little nappers before conquering the day.

so, to close, we've had a rough weekend & start to the week with sicky dogs.
happy wednesday!

jacie's birthday extravaganza grand finale!

are you sure?
100% positive!?
without further ado, here is the
GRAND FINALE of my 23rd birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!

just incase you missed the posts leading up to THIS ONE, check 'em out below... RUN! don't walk.


drumroll please!
envelope NUMBER 23 (because i'm that old) is...
more drumming, more drumming!

not just any present, but the reason that adam was photographing every moment of the birthday was for the very last gift... a photoalbum. then, a trip to walmart, an hour later & walah...all the photos from my 23rd birthday together in an album.

if that doesn't just melt a wifey's heart... gosh, how blessed did i get!?

seriously, there couldn't be a more appropriate, better, fantastic, wonderful, amazing ending to a perfect day than yet ANOTHER sweet idea with hubs. i mean, a photo album of our day together! what could be any sweeter? the answer is NOTHING.
anyways, we I ...we... sorta decided that it might be fun to do a shutterfly book... so, we're going to do that instead... which still isn't done. FAIL wife, FAIL. i need to. soon. but atleast now, i have all the pictures & story up HERE on the blog, right? right. eeks. get on that. oh, and while you're working on that... finish the honeymoon album, TOO! yikes.


some bracelets i picked out on my $50 SHOPPING TRIP!


birthday dindin at a FAVORITE: olive garden (my mouth is watering)!

dearest best husband ever,
you are the apple of my eye & the maceroni to my cheese. you will never fully understand how much this birthday meant. i felt like your little princess...and i love it. you really set yourself up for future birthdays! :) but really, your thoughtfulness & time iplanning this day, just for me, makes my heart oosh & goosh a bunch. i love you for as long as we both shall live. and then some more.
your adoring wife

lololove this look.

WHO: some random purdy brunette gal
WHEN: a few months back
WHAT: an AMAZING outfit -- just my style
WHERE: at the D.O.T. (of all places, right?)
WHY: we got hitched & needed to change/update our licenses! eek!


ever since then, i have needed wanted a denim shirt. i was inspired to have her cutesy outfit... so, the hunt began. UNFORTUNELY and FORTUNATELY, i am cheap. i'm a deal-hunter, a bargain extrordinair, the coupon queen (get the point?)!
***insert random brain thought -- my spelling stinkz stinks.***
anyways, so i couldn't ever justify spending like $50 on a button-up (even though i'm sure i used to when i worked at LTD). puke. one day while shopping with my sista, jillybean, i found a lovely little perfect number at eddie bauer ON SALE. awesome.

REG: something stupid
SALE: still like $30+ dolla dolla bills, yawl. no.

look, i have a good splurge the rest of 'em, but i just wasn't willing to have one on this. eek.
SO, on a little 'thriftventure', i just happened to find some AMAZING goodies. seriously. i have to take pictures. for sheezy. ANYWAYS, i remembered that i had been looking for a denim button-up shirt. women's section? no dice. men's section? SCORE.

so, i'll have to take a picture & get it up here! it's not as long as i'd like, but it's long enough... it's light denim. worn. and beautiful... oh, did i mention it's $3.59 pricetag? it was $3.59 + tax. BAM.

so. i'm packing it up for this weekend (after a good washing, of course).
i say, "hubs! look at my new shirt!" 
he says, "are you serious?"

baha. he thought it was a joke. and when i said something about 'fashionable', he rolls those gorgeous green eyes. for him, fashion is hawkeye sweats & hoodies all day long forever & ever & ever amen. which is totally fine by me because 1. i like that for me, too... 2. he looks so darn cute in his 'fashion'... 
BUT. a girl is gunna wear what a girl is gunna wear. i do agree that you need to wear what you like in comfort & style, but there's nothing wrong with doing a quick google search of 'SPRING 2012' to help get the inspiration juices a flowing! :) this makes me laugh at myself...

so ANYWHOO, i am thinking THIS outfit ABOVE worn by kourtney kardashian will be a STAPLE for me this fall... summers are spent in tanks & shorts -- i'm a sweater, people! :) now all i need is some moccosin boots! :) i already ROCK the leggings ALL.THE.TIME. in the winter. no,seriously. PLUS, this is kinda like the outfit i saw on the girl at the DOT. leggings + denim = love. i am more into the casual look that the picture with the skirt, but hey... a girl has gotta have options.

love & denim (but no canadian tuxedos),

Friday, May 25, 2012

best. robe. ever.


i lololooove my robe from victoria's secret... i know think my mom & dad got it for me my junior/senior year of high school. i don't wear it as often as i should, but i love just throwing it on with a tank & hanging out in it! sooooo comfy/casual. the only bad thing is unless you're a size 00, it can look a bit frumpy with the pockets on the side & tied like halfway up the waist -- you just have to figure out what's comfy & what looks/feels good...

i'm just a sucker for comfort.

adam snapped this picture of me...oh goodness, i don't even know when... years ago... a good one, eh? :)

here's to comfy-cute robes & hanging out in your pjs ALL memorial day weekend,
your j

Thursday, May 24, 2012

you are what you eat.


it's a joke people. laugh. it's funny!

how true this is.

this was a bittersweet night for me... one of those oosh goosh sappy moments. this is where we met. across the hall from eachother. we were neighbors. and this was us moving out of our apartments. so, of course... we had to take a picture. even thinking about it, there are so many good starting memories in those apartments -- i'm so glad we have this picture. sometimes it's fun to think of us, 19 & 23, sitting on the couch & recliner...talking about life & everything that entails... until the wee hours of the morning. go to school/work... and rush home to do it again. sigh, love me boog. oosh goosh. signing off before i cry nastalgic tears! :)

how true is this.
if you only you just take a moment, a deep breath & let God put you where He wants you to be...

jacie's birthday extravaganza VI

and the quadruple-oople saga CONTINUES! who's ready!?!?!?!? :)

incase you missed all the other posts, HERE YOU GO!


ENVELOPE #17! holy moly it's a harry potter game! unfortunately, we are still on a hunt for a game to replace this that we will play oogles & gobbles of times & also get our moneys worth! good luck to us! :)
do you remember how much i love harry potter?!?!?!?


ENVELOPE #18 was adorable... i don't know when we started our '17 second hug', but it's always a sure staple for a big ol' smile. sometimes when either one of us are having a rough day, we say, "17 second hug!", just to hold the person for a while... it's adorable. and sometimes we just do it just because we want the other person to know they're SPECIAL! :)


ENVELOPE #19 was so super-de-duper sweet! amazing, seriously! it was going for a walk at grey's lake! YAHOO! this is where we got engaged! super sweet, right? getting near the end of the day!
how's your adventure through my birthday been so far?!


the beginning of our little walkeronis at grays! :) eek... i love you how you can see adam taking a picture... he's just the cutest! :)  and sweetest! he wanted to document everything...
STAY TUNED to learn WHY! :)


power.walking. and. BAM.

searching & searching & more searching for the EXACT one the we got engaged at! we can't remember. :(

ENVELOPE TWENTY! holy cow, i'm older than twenty! YEOW!

it's probably a bit unhealthy. i'm not even kidding...


olive garden. let's talk. much like sharpies, i have an unhealthy obsession. i love it. i could eat there everysingle day of the rest of my life...that is, if i didn't care if i weighed 400 lbs. i love it. their braised beef tortillini (my mouth is already watering-no joke) is AMAZING. okay, i HAVE to stop talking about it...

anyways, by this point, we weren't hungry, so we decided to forgo this for the time being... go home, change out of blue jeans & go back later... good choice! DATE NIGHT! :)


22 was a big year for me! 22 is like 'my number'... you know in high school & you are your number in sports? that's 22 for me... and quite funny...i was 22 when i got engaged. i was 22 when i got married. i was 22 when i got baptized. and lots of other firsts! WOHOO 22! so, no wonder husband got me a big, huge, amazing, FUN gift for ENVELOPE 22! the ENTIRE collection of HARRY POTTER BOOKS (hardcover) for me to read! ANNNND a 'hogwarts trunk' to decorate with 'hogwarts stickers'! are you kidding me? BEST.HUBS.EVER. don't laugh; i'm still working on book #1... i tend to get sidetracked... i'm just starting to read again... gotta start somewhere, right?
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