Wednesday, May 30, 2012

jacie's birthday extravaganza grand finale!

are you sure?
100% positive!?
without further ado, here is the
GRAND FINALE of my 23rd birthday EXTRAVAGANZA!

just incase you missed the posts leading up to THIS ONE, check 'em out below... RUN! don't walk.


drumroll please!
envelope NUMBER 23 (because i'm that old) is...
more drumming, more drumming!

not just any present, but the reason that adam was photographing every moment of the birthday was for the very last gift... a photoalbum. then, a trip to walmart, an hour later & walah...all the photos from my 23rd birthday together in an album.

if that doesn't just melt a wifey's heart... gosh, how blessed did i get!?

seriously, there couldn't be a more appropriate, better, fantastic, wonderful, amazing ending to a perfect day than yet ANOTHER sweet idea with hubs. i mean, a photo album of our day together! what could be any sweeter? the answer is NOTHING.
anyways, we I ...we... sorta decided that it might be fun to do a shutterfly book... so, we're going to do that instead... which still isn't done. FAIL wife, FAIL. i need to. soon. but atleast now, i have all the pictures & story up HERE on the blog, right? right. eeks. get on that. oh, and while you're working on that... finish the honeymoon album, TOO! yikes.


some bracelets i picked out on my $50 SHOPPING TRIP!


birthday dindin at a FAVORITE: olive garden (my mouth is watering)!

dearest best husband ever,
you are the apple of my eye & the maceroni to my cheese. you will never fully understand how much this birthday meant. i felt like your little princess...and i love it. you really set yourself up for future birthdays! :) but really, your thoughtfulness & time iplanning this day, just for me, makes my heart oosh & goosh a bunch. i love you for as long as we both shall live. and then some more.
your adoring wife

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