Monday, May 7, 2012

you stud, you!

i love this picture i think more than anything... so cute!


i LOVE the idea of these shorts. BUT 1. they're WAY too short 2. i would need to loose a TON to wear this tight + high-waisted 3. husband already thinks that girl fashion is the wierdest & i bet these would be NO exception 4. they probably cost 1 arm + 1 leg 5. did i mention way too short?


you know you can see me in this! it sparkles!

love this cardi/jacket... very cool & cute.


LOVE the picture of these skirts -- i might juse make my own jean studded skirt. if i do, i'll put a tutorial up! :)

adam always laughs at me when i try to be 'tough' in leather & such... he's like, 'oh're the farthest thing from 'tough'!' haha... thanks, hunnie! :)

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