Thursday, May 24, 2012

how true this is.

this was a bittersweet night for me... one of those oosh goosh sappy moments. this is where we met. across the hall from eachother. we were neighbors. and this was us moving out of our apartments. so, of course... we had to take a picture. even thinking about it, there are so many good starting memories in those apartments -- i'm so glad we have this picture. sometimes it's fun to think of us, 19 & 23, sitting on the couch & recliner...talking about life & everything that entails... until the wee hours of the morning. go to school/work... and rush home to do it again. sigh, love me boog. oosh goosh. signing off before i cry nastalgic tears! :)

how true is this.
if you only you just take a moment, a deep breath & let God put you where He wants you to be...

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