Thursday, May 24, 2012

i feel like this today.

me is sleepy today.

i hung out with bailey last night. i love her. we are very good compliments to eachother... we're so much different, but so much the same... maybe that's why i'm a sleepy girl... we just stayed up chatting & hanging out & having our 'girl time'...
i think part of it is that i have school tonight & am not excited about it! i gotta get that attitude changed! atleast i get to go to school, right? my poor handsies have just been tired for a while... i try to give them lotsa lovin' & attention, but between massage & sitting at a computer all day typing, they are a bit sore... constantly! YEOWZA! oh wellsies. i just keep thinking, "oh my goodness, jace! after tonight, no more massage until next thursday! yay!" or "after tonight, you get to head to dbq for an extra long weekend!" YAY! oh how i am ready for the weekend.

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