Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lololove this look.

WHO: some random purdy brunette gal
WHEN: a few months back
WHAT: an AMAZING outfit -- just my style
WHERE: at the D.O.T. (of all places, right?)
WHY: we got hitched & needed to change/update our licenses! eek!


ever since then, i have needed wanted a denim shirt. i was inspired to have her cutesy outfit... so, the hunt began. UNFORTUNELY and FORTUNATELY, i am cheap. i'm a deal-hunter, a bargain extrordinair, the coupon queen (get the point?)!
***insert random brain thought -- my spelling stinkz stinks.***
anyways, so i couldn't ever justify spending like $50 on a button-up (even though i'm sure i used to when i worked at LTD). puke. one day while shopping with my sista, jillybean, i found a lovely little perfect number at eddie bauer ON SALE. awesome.

REG: something stupid
SALE: still like $30+ dolla dolla bills, yawl. no.

look, i have a good splurge the rest of 'em, but i just wasn't willing to have one on this. eek.
SO, on a little 'thriftventure', i just happened to find some AMAZING goodies. seriously. i have to take pictures. for sheezy. ANYWAYS, i remembered that i had been looking for a denim button-up shirt. women's section? no dice. men's section? SCORE.

so, i'll have to take a picture & get it up here! it's not as long as i'd like, but it's long enough... it's light denim. worn. and beautiful... oh, did i mention it's $3.59 pricetag? it was $3.59 + tax. BAM.

so. i'm packing it up for this weekend (after a good washing, of course).
i say, "hubs! look at my new shirt!" 
he says, "are you serious?"

baha. he thought it was a joke. and when i said something about 'fashionable', he rolls those gorgeous green eyes. for him, fashion is hawkeye sweats & hoodies all day long forever & ever & ever amen. which is totally fine by me because 1. i like that for me, too... 2. he looks so darn cute in his 'fashion'... 
BUT. a girl is gunna wear what a girl is gunna wear. i do agree that you need to wear what you like in comfort & style, but there's nothing wrong with doing a quick google search of 'SPRING 2012' to help get the inspiration juices a flowing! :) this makes me laugh at myself...

so ANYWHOO, i am thinking THIS outfit ABOVE worn by kourtney kardashian will be a STAPLE for me this fall... summers are spent in tanks & shorts -- i'm a sweater, people! :) now all i need is some moccosin boots! :) i already ROCK the leggings ALL.THE.TIME. in the winter. no,seriously. PLUS, this is kinda like the outfit i saw on the girl at the DOT. leggings + denim = love. i am more into the casual look that the picture with the skirt, but hey... a girl has gotta have options.

love & denim (but no canadian tuxedos),

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