Thursday, May 10, 2012


looking at old pictures of adam & i definitely give me butterflies in my tummy! this is one of the very early days... what was it called, babe? 'night club' or something crazy!?

the #1 rule about night club is we don't talk about night club...

at our first apartment (where we met), people kept breaking into cars & stealing stuff... so, us + another neighbor would go out & try to catch 'em... i think a night when i wasn't there...they ended up finding out who it was even!

haha, oh how it is so funny thinking back to these days... especially the time when we were out on our neighbors deck (i think it was this night)...and i called him 'babe' on accident... YEOW...ackward.
and now i can't imagine him being anything but that... maybe because he will never be anything but babe!

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