Thursday, May 24, 2012

jacie's birthday extravaganza VI

and the quadruple-oople saga CONTINUES! who's ready!?!?!?!? :)

incase you missed all the other posts, HERE YOU GO!


ENVELOPE #17! holy moly it's a harry potter game! unfortunately, we are still on a hunt for a game to replace this that we will play oogles & gobbles of times & also get our moneys worth! good luck to us! :)
do you remember how much i love harry potter?!?!?!?


ENVELOPE #18 was adorable... i don't know when we started our '17 second hug', but it's always a sure staple for a big ol' smile. sometimes when either one of us are having a rough day, we say, "17 second hug!", just to hold the person for a while... it's adorable. and sometimes we just do it just because we want the other person to know they're SPECIAL! :)


ENVELOPE #19 was so super-de-duper sweet! amazing, seriously! it was going for a walk at grey's lake! YAHOO! this is where we got engaged! super sweet, right? getting near the end of the day!
how's your adventure through my birthday been so far?!


the beginning of our little walkeronis at grays! :) eek... i love you how you can see adam taking a picture... he's just the cutest! :)  and sweetest! he wanted to document everything...
STAY TUNED to learn WHY! :)


power.walking. and. BAM.

searching & searching & more searching for the EXACT one the we got engaged at! we can't remember. :(

ENVELOPE TWENTY! holy cow, i'm older than twenty! YEOW!

it's probably a bit unhealthy. i'm not even kidding...


olive garden. let's talk. much like sharpies, i have an unhealthy obsession. i love it. i could eat there everysingle day of the rest of my life...that is, if i didn't care if i weighed 400 lbs. i love it. their braised beef tortillini (my mouth is already watering-no joke) is AMAZING. okay, i HAVE to stop talking about it...

anyways, by this point, we weren't hungry, so we decided to forgo this for the time being... go home, change out of blue jeans & go back later... good choice! DATE NIGHT! :)


22 was a big year for me! 22 is like 'my number'... you know in high school & you are your number in sports? that's 22 for me... and quite funny...i was 22 when i got engaged. i was 22 when i got married. i was 22 when i got baptized. and lots of other firsts! WOHOO 22! so, no wonder husband got me a big, huge, amazing, FUN gift for ENVELOPE 22! the ENTIRE collection of HARRY POTTER BOOKS (hardcover) for me to read! ANNNND a 'hogwarts trunk' to decorate with 'hogwarts stickers'! are you kidding me? BEST.HUBS.EVER. don't laugh; i'm still working on book #1... i tend to get sidetracked... i'm just starting to read again... gotta start somewhere, right?

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