Friday, May 4, 2012

jacie's birthday extravaganza IIII

let me just note that i don't know roman numerals very well & am too lazy to look them up right now, so don't judge if i get one wrong! :) that's just me being LAYZAY on this fantastic friday...

so. don't be confused! read the FIRST THREE birthday extravanza posts BEFORE this one... otherwise, you'll be L.O.S.T.

OOOHhooooo! envelope number EIGHT! what could it BEEEEEEEE!?!?!?

play a game of TIC.TAC.TOE. now, how hilarious is that!? he goes, "i told you it was random gifts & things we had to do!" oh how my man does put a smile on my face. i won, of course. within like 10 seconds. he says he didn't let me win, but secretly we BOTH know he did! sigh.

ENVELOPE NUMORO NINE! cannnnnn't wait! :) not even half way there & look how much FUN we're having!

this one almost brought me to tears. it's where we first met. it's what we used to do all the time when we first met. it was so sweet. i'll have to tell you our 'love story' sometime & how the Lord weaved our lives together. it's nutty-awesome! super-sweet, hubs! thanks again for all your hardwork to make my birthday amazing & memorable for all time.

swinging on the swings where we fell in 'like' with eachother & had TONS & TONS & OOGLES & OOGLES of crazy laughs together. seriously.

by handsome husband pumping those leggers!

see why i love him? AYmazing & HILarious. we ended up seeing who could go higher. deliberation is still in session.

running out of faces...envelope number TENSIES!!! yeow!

YAAAAAY! a gift from my SWEETS (the puppy paper means it is from our babies, truman & sydney -- see them here:!

these little lovebug puppies sure do know me EXTREMEMLY well! they know their mommy loves her gel pens...and they know their mommy loves her bright colors...and they know that i would be seriously insanely excited with these bad boys (and boy oh boy was i ever)!

envelope number 11! we're speeding through this... pretty much HALF WAY...and i never want it to END! oooooh, just like a TV BREAK! sorry, but i have to leave you hanging! all the pictures i sent must not have transferred over! YEOW (seriously though...not on purpose)!

your 'extremely spoiled by her husband' birthday girl


  1. Seriously. I dont know if you actually know just how stinkin' adorable you two are! Ya know how people say--- ohhh I hope he knows how lucky he is he got you.. or vice versa!! You two are so lucky to have each other! You can just see how in love you are in the pics!!! Make my heart melt!

    1. oh jennabean! you are too sweet -- you make me SMILEY. i love my hubs -- we are very blessed that God gave us eachother... nothing more than the grace of God's love...rawr!


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