Monday, May 21, 2012

birthday extravaganza V

who's ready for the exciting conclusion of the 23rd birthday extravaganza?!
well... too bad...
you don't get the conclusion YET! until then, let the FIFTH part of this series satisfy your curiosity on just how far husband will go to make this the best.birthday.EVER! :)

you'll remember from the last birthday post that we were on ENVELOPE 11! not even half way! best birthday yet! :) so...ENVELOPE 11 is...drumroll please... L-U-N-C-H! and we all know this girl likes to eat! soooo, i got to pick where i wanted to go. and since we were already in the old neighborhood AND i had a buy one, get one free coupon, i picked a little 'hole-in-the-wall' place called VICTORS.
it was nummers.

ggggreat. i ask for a glass of budlight (which is rare, but it's my birthday, right?) & she brings me a pitcher -- YEOW! please forgive how creepy my hands look -- photoshop got the best of them & i was too lazy to fix it... oh wellsies! :)

what could ENVELOPE #12 possibly be?!

gotta have some GUM! :) HAHA, he is so sweet (i love husband's sense of humor) -- he already had a pack in the envelope i opened, too! :)

onto ENVELOPE #13! now we're really FLYING! :)

IT'S A PRESENT!!! i love presents that husband picked out! and looky looky what they are!? CAR EYELASHES! now, i have yet to put these on, but look at what they will look like when i finally do!!!

of course, substitute the white pretty BMW for a white beat-up cruddy grand prix that i've had since i was 15 or 16...! :) none the less, husband is sweet!

ENVELOPE #14 -- now we're FLYING! :) what could it possibly be?!

okay...this was seriously SWEET! he had a picture of the mall & a $50 bill... he knows how whenever i go shopping, i look for the best deals & always ALWAYS look at tags... and while he appreciates that immensley & my love for a good deal, he just wanted me to go & pick out somethings that i would love but splurge a bit (up to $50)! and since i didn't really 'need' anything, it was just fun little extras that i would love, but wouldn't normally buy because it wasn't an amazing deal! :) i'm dutch-cheap, okay?

on our way to the mall... i got to open ENVELOPE #15!!! which was...


THIS! him singing 'everything' to me...! remember when i told you he sings this to me? it was the best & i absolutely LOVE it when he sings this to me... i remember one time when he was dropping me off at the airport... we had JUST started 'officially' dating after being friends forever, of course... and he was thsinging this to me because i was sad... and i just looked over at him trying not to cry... and said...please tell me you'll sing this to me when we're 50... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. oosh goosh.

AAAAAAANNND we're off to the mallsies to have an adventure! :) :) :)

PITSTOP AT RAGSTOCK!!! on trips to the mall of america, i used to go to it's finally in IOWA! :)

i've never ever never ever ever bought anything at, we stopped to see if there was anything i should use my birthday money on... there wasn't.

BUT i did get these babies! ps, that may look like undies but it's TOTALLY NOT -- they're camis! you can get sooooooo much stuff at FOREVER21 without even looking at the tags! all under $50, baby! :)

AND THESE from HERITAGE1981! against my better judgement, i went to them... i've had really really bad experiances with them in the past, but these shorts were just TOO cute... you may remember me talking about them HERE:

SO... i don't remember if this is EVERYTHING, but it's close i think... for UNDER $50 (i had some leftover which husband protested...he's so amazing...) i got:
***2or3 camis (forever21); they were like $3 or something CRAYCRAY***
***amazing 'flag' shorts (heritage1981); around $20 i think***
***neon yellow & black chain set (forever21)***
***black with white polka dot chunky bracelet (forever21)***
***set of 6 resin bangles in gray, black & ivory (forever21)***

ENVELOPE NUMBER SIXTEEN!!! icecream! :) NOM NOM NOM. neither one of us were really all that hungry yet, so we shared. unfortunately, a few posts back, i opened the wrong one, so i knew ice cream was coming! :)

i had to make a pitstop to the little ladie's room... this is adam in the waiting room with some really wierd toy-things they have. hmmm.

making an attempt to pick out a birthday flavor -- coldstone has SO many choices -- YEOW! :) i think i ended up with strawbetrry blonde? maybe?

husband got them to sing with me. i'm never embarrassed. except this time. a little. not really. maybe. who knows. perhaps.

the workers with their 'birthday hats' on helping me to celebrate; they sang me a song. oosh.goosh.

NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. that envelope was nummy! :)



all donesies! :)

stay tuned for some more birthday posts coming soon to a JACIELAND BLOG NEAR YOU! :)

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