Thursday, May 31, 2012

cute kid stuff.

well...isn't this just clever? this site: is absolutely, positively SO adorable. after i check it out a bit more, i will most likely do a seperate post on it! CHECK IT OUT and i know you'll know what i mean! simply adorable.

"someday when i have kids..." :) i think these bookshelves are simply darling. i'm a huge bookshelf lover... is that wierd? i don't know, but i love the idea of having big long bookshelves like this in a child's room or toyroom! perhaps a little reading nook, if you may! with oogles & oogles of comfy pillows & beanbags to sit on!

usually i think that outfits/shirts/tshirts/onesies whatever with weird sayings on them look a little times... not all... but this one i like... i think it could definitely be super cute with the right ensemble! a hat, perhaps? or does this onesie seem gross? who knows. tell me below!

i lololove this concept. however, i don't think i like it on the wall. i think, for me, it would be better suited in a frame hanging on the wall -- but again, love the idea... i will probably do it! well, "someday when i have kids!" can you tell there's an ongoing theme in many of my posts?! that i'm excited to be a mommy!? don't get me wrong, we're SO content where we are at, but are definitely looking forward to the day (Lord willing, far in the future) when the good Lord blesses us with kiddos! until then, i'm content planning the babie's future room way in advance! :) oh how i make myself giggle!

these are GENIUS and i love them! i can't remember where i found them, but i will sure find out & post it here... hoefully! i am going to have to get one of these when we have kids! especially is they're as onry as mister husband! i kid, i kid!

i love this & want to do this myself! i feel like it would be too expensive to go buy all of these... well, unless you have a super good deal at hobby lobby, which CAN happen! but otherwise, it would almost be a fun little challenge to hunt down all the letters & do an entire wall of them... i like the idea of this being in the toyroom around the same area as the bookshelves... oh my goodness, i'm getting SO excited right now for years into the future! is that weird!?

lololoooove these little outfits! i had NEVER heard of 'abird' or whatever the brand is; seems like 'celebrity kids' wear it... oh i see why... the prices are out of this world insane... atleast the stuff i looked at... BUT, i lololove the looks! adam always says, "we're going to have a preppy kid, aren't we?" well, a well dressed kid, at least! haha, but... i do stock up with jordan & sports teams swag, already... so i have a feeling he's gunna LOVE what the kid is wearing...well, sometimes! :)

see? told ya!

this picture was SO cute... i just couldn't help but post it... and of course... i lololoooove chucks... especially little mini ones... and yes, i already have a pair! BAM! :)

better believe i will make these for my little gal someday (if i have one)!!!


i lololoooooove this idea--my little lady & i playing dress-up in tutus drenched in pearls & fun jewelry playing dress-up... and OF COURSE taking some pictures of it! OHHHH and adam with our little mini guy in their jordans playing ball or golfing. i love this idea (i probably will NOT be wearing a leotard though - HA)!

look forward to more additions (posts, not babies!!!) :)


  1. Yay! Your "someday" babies are going to be so cute! Super cute/funny time out chairs.

    1. oh my gooooodness... so are yours! please tell me that i still get to meet them someday! :) and beeteedubs, our A/C is fixed, so now you guys can come over! :)


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