Saturday, May 12, 2012

happy saturday!

from us to you! 

i have an alumni softball tournament coming up so husband & i have been out for the last couple hours seeing how much work i have to get done in a week... :) haha, we jogged, hit, played catch, fielded, etc etc... tried to dust atleast a little bit of the rust off... i'm sure we'll go out again this week...especially since there's NO SCHOOL! :) 

the one thing i'm going to be curious to find out come saturday morning? how my legs hold up to 2 hours of catching like they used to in high school... :) in the day... see those guns?! :) 

i hope that you are all having a wonWONwooooonderful saturday & are getting super excited for mother's day! OH YEAH! 

AND ALSOOOO, you'd be sooo proud of me... got up this morning at 7AM to take the dogs potty & guess what? I STAYED UP & CLEANED THE ENTIRE SPARE ROOM FOR FIVE HOURS! we actually have a floor now! :) it has been a disaster ever since we got married because of ME & MY CRAFTY STUFF!!

yay for cleaning & kinda sweating & catching a few rays, 
your jace

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