Thursday, May 17, 2012


you could call me a sucker for sales... that would be an understatement...ask anyone. WELL WELL WELL, the other day as adam & i strolled through walmart, i saw a duo pack of maybelline's falsies mascara AND eyeliner! um, hello!? i bought it -- for $4... are you kidding me...?

annnnnnnd...DRUMROLL PLEASE! i hearted it. especially for $4, baby, YEAH! so, i called my sister & told her to go get the rest of them! hopefully there's some left! YEOOW!

i mean, i wouldn't say that it actually looks like you have actual false lashes on like the picture they use to market it, but i definitely think it's a good mascara!

your lashes will look good, BUT your lashes will NOT look like this... rawr.

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