Monday, May 7, 2012

colors like BAM!

skinny jeans are obviously EVERYWHERE right now! i, personally...LOVE THEM! however, unless i find some SUPER-CHEAP, am not willing to pay for something that may not be in & i'll want to get rid of... oh, who am i kidding... i'd wear 'em even if they weren't cool... WHY? because I LOVE THEM! who cares what the 'fashion rules' are anyways, right?


i should paint more.

i LOVE these & absolutely want to make these when i have kiddos. functional. cute. easy. washable. FUN!

just dance.


i saw this rug on etsy once... i'm unsure what shop it was, but if i find out, i'll let you know... SUPER cute... i love it, BUT it's like $300+ or something nutty! they also have black/gray/white shades which = love & would be in my house if i didn't think i'd puke over spending $300 on a rug!

DO IT! live life HAPPY!

here comes my glitter fascination...again! sorry, toots!


this cake. THIS CAKE! i HAVE to make a 'mini-cake' sometime... it's absolutely phenominal. i love it.

OH YEAH, the candies are cutesy, too! :)

oh if only i had this room. and EVERYTHING in it. yes, including the pug. how perfect a picture.

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