Monday, May 7, 2012

love & marriage funnies.

just some innocent funnies on marriage that gave me a chuckle... or an opinion, at least.

this just made me laugh. i don't know when/where i found this, but whoever wrote it made a good joke. very comedic.

this looks about right...except adam has much less of a tummers. and i have blonde hair!

okay, this one...OPINION. i think that this one is pretty sad. why, you may ask? because i find that sometimes this is true. unfortunately, this is the reality for many couples. not really talking or communicating anymore. i know it's suppose to be funny & i'm just reading into it... but adam & i know some couples who just sit next to eachother & communicate through computers...! i can't imagine!

THIS. IS. SUPER. FUNNY. i mean, really... maybe because i'd say i'm guilty of reading into things (see cartoon above). or clarifying meaning all the time... haha, anyways, just GOOFY.

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