Friday, May 11, 2012

oh, Christmas tree...

i think this is quite funny... i knew that i had to put it on here because husband would appreciate it! he lololoooooves his mountain dew!
and i must admit, i don't mind it either! :) this is going to be our tree next year -- JOKING, OF COURSE... but, WOAH! look at all the time & effort put into this bad boy!


now, if only we could recruit jill to help with the tree... her & her one can-a-day! :)


  1. That's right!! Carefully managing my caffeine intake! : ) Just wait until I'm not nursing or pregnant!!

    1. jillybean! you should start your own blog, too! BAM! i got so excited when i saw a comment from you! then again, you're already super-de-duper busy! YEOW! miss you, loves you!


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