Monday, May 7, 2012

jacie turns 22!

so, i had told you in some post that i would include pictures from my birthday LAST year when i turned 22! this is when we got engaged! EEK!
so, here is just a FEW of the many! NOTE: the last two birthdays, i've worn 'i only date bulls fans' or other 'bulls' t-shirts! BAM!

got these AWESOME kicks (that should be worn wayyyy more often) for my bday! they're like claire's off of LOST (adam's FAV tv show EVER)! i thought they were F-U-N & he took note of me saying that! good observation, hubs!

ummmm, HELLO... gryffindor TSHIRT! wore it to HOGWORTS when we went there for our honeymoon! :)

he had a CUBS mr. potato head & he though we needed a mrs. potato head to keep him company! :)

we're getting hitched, yawl (of course, we are NOW, but i'm talking from back then)!

oh the good ol' days when my hair was wierd & white because i used SUN-IN & KILLED IT! note to self: never ever ever ever never EVER use SUN-IN again! my hair is FINALLY getting back in order... over a year later! it seriously felt like spagetti... but we'll save all this for another post! :)


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