Friday, May 18, 2012

this weekend...

THIS is the bed mister & me will be staying in with the pupperonis... why you ask? it's because of what i told you HERE:

that's right folks! because we will be going home (to my parents) for the alumni game... you may be wondering, "but jace...who's room are you staying in?" well, well, well... i'm glad you asked! that was MY OLD ROOM, MY OLD COMFORTER & BEDDING, MY PINK CARPET, MY POLKA DOTTED WALLS! bam. and yes, i got ALL of it AFTER i graduated high school! :) that's right... i'm a little kid, baby! and i wish that i had a picture of the other wall... it=amazing. one thing i failed to mention is that i originally painted the walls so mom & dad had a toyroom for the grandkids, but then i ended up moving back home before adam & i got married to save up moolah & got it back! :) i love it.

here's to married & staying with the rents,

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