Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my love, glitter.

what would a week be on jaceland with no glitter post? haha, HELLO!

here's a few glitter things that i've found & love!

of course i love the picture above! glitter + lots of color = happy jacie!

well this one... this one is just CUTE!

fine... i know, i know... it's not glitter, but rather rhinestones on the coke... but hey! it sparkles! and that make-up! beautiful. glitter cake pops, cookies & pretty, starry make-up? yes, please!
ooooooh. pretty, subtle GORGEOUS, classy nails!

i must have these stairs! well, after i convince my husband, that is! so, i guess i'll keep dreaming! :)

happy sparkly things tuesday!

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