Sunday, July 29, 2012

Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

So... just ran a few errands and then got some stuff, so i can cook out of my Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook!

wanna know how i got it? 


okay, husband & me were at Borders (apparently Barnes & Noble now -- they all closed :( ) and well... you all know how big of a fan i am of Harry Potter! so... when i saw the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, i got so SO excited (as i'm sure you can imagine)!
however, even though hubs said i should get it, i couldn't spend over $20 for it... 

so...oh well... i'll get it some other time, right?

because i got home one night... went to go night night and guess what was hiding UNDER MY PILLOW? that's right! you guessed it! 
how sweet is hub's heart, right?

so, we said that we would do ONE RECIPE/PER WEEK.
that hasn't held all. 
i think i've only used it one...sad...UNTIL TODAY!
i'm making TWO recipes out of it -- i'll show you later!

anywhoo, in addition to all the Harry Potter madness... a few weeks ago, husband had a phenomenal idea that friday evenings we would start a 'Harry Potter Date Night'... until we finished all of the movies. we go to one of our FAVORITE pizza places, bring a large sausage & green olive (YUM) home & watch one of the adventures of hermoine, ron & harry! woah, good times.

well, this weekend, we had part 1 of a family reunion, so... no Harry Potter date night... so, that brings us to tonight! Harry Potter, Harry Potter food AND butterbeer!

on our honeymoon, we visited Universal Studio's The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (i know, awesome, right?) and had non-alcohol frozen butterbeer... it...was...THE BEST. really. but guess what isn't in the cookbook? i know...sad. 

and do you know how hard it is to find a good recipe online...why, you ask? BECAUSE Universal Studio's isn't going to give there's out anytime soon!
so...we shall just trial & error & figure SOMETHING delicious out!

i'll keep you posted!

abra kadabra...or something, 
your j

holy cow.
HP pork chops? amazing.
HP potatoes? amazing. 

will be family favorites & staples for years to come...husband LOVES. i'll post pics & recipes later, but really...YUM. i can't wait to have the family over to show off my HP cooking skillZ! :) haha.


like i told you on THIS POST, i am trying to get more etsy sales!
i think then i had 85 or so & now i am up to 90 (with 2 customs pending making it 92) BAM!

isn't God good? 

so, only 10 more orders away until my 15% off your entire purchase is no longer valid!
use code SUNSHINE15 and hurry! :)

SO much good stuff! :) 

xs & os & hope to see you soon! 
your j

Saturday, July 28, 2012

FEATURED: a paper proposal.

exciting stuff! 
i found out a while ago that some of my cards were featured on the awesome site, A Paper Proposal!

i was pretty pumped, to say the least!

MINE are the top right corner (with the hearts)...

love 'em, too? 

wanna buy 'em?

visit Jacieland, my etsy shop, and you can get these ONE OF A KIND cards like BAM!
$10 for 5... BUT use code SUNSHINE15 to receive 15% off! whoop, whoop!

lots of loves & going to watch Law&Order with my man, 
your sleepy j

adam's new toy!

husband got a new toy tonight!
wanna see?

'cause even if you don't, you're gunna! :)

he got an Apple TV!
and we did the new OS X Mountain Lion update on our MAC. 

we love our APPLE products.
expensive? yes. 
worth it? definitely.
and not because it's 'what's cool' or something... it's because THEY LAST. 

seriously, why fix it if it's not broken... we use it until it can't be used anymore (most times). 
look, when you get the opportunity for a $20 iPad from brother, you better take it (even if you don't need it)!

plus... as far as the Apple TV goes, we've been deciding whether to sign a contract with Direct TV (we need our college football this fall)... we didn't renew the last time we signed up with them for a couple reasons...

1. they told husband it would be $XX.XX amount & it ended up being like over double or something insane.
2. he called in to have them switch it... tried talking to the lady & she was extremely rude...and confused.
3. adam got transferred to the manager & guess what? THEY HUNG UP ON HIM. 

now, please tell me... who would want to give a company like that their business? not we. SO, with Apple TV, you are able to like, 'flick' whatever is on your MAC or iPod/iPad onto your, we figure we can buy the 'sports pass' (excuse me, i don't know what everything is called like hubs)...and then 'flick' it onto our big screen. BAM. 

plus, Apple has always given great customer service (knock on wood) & their products are great.
AND brother bear, Jarryd, is always SUPERSMART & HELPFUL with Apple products. 

too much eye make-up above & thinkin' 'oh well'...
remembering that husband told me my eyes looked like a fairies' (like Tinker Bell or a little pixie)...
lovin' our new toys...
knowing we're blessed...

Twilight Eyes Studio (DISCOUNT).

hi all!

i am currently working on getting some giveaways up & running for you! some shops are interested & some are not... this one, Twilight Eyes Studio, is somewhere in between (they were very nice, fyi).

their response went a little something like this:

July 9 2012 9:45pm EDT Thank you for considering my work....I love your popsicle cards incredible cute. I'm not able to do reviews/giveaways but if your readers make a purchase and note in the "notes to seller" section during check out that they were "referred by Jacieland" I will refund them 10% of their purchase via paypal.Thank you again for considering me, I look forward to adorning all your readers! Tes

so... definitely go check them out HERE! seriously, their prices are affordable & who wouldn't lololove 10% off an already good deal? 
that's right. NOONE! :)

xs & os & lemme know if you get anything!
i'll definitely show you! :)

darling SATURDAY!

happy last-saturday-in-july, my lovies!
i hope that JULY 2012 (crazy, right) has been great for you!

mine has been crazy!

-lost my job-
-gained 10 (or so) new blog followers-
-wished those followers 'happy days'...more than once...or twice!-
-got really sick & achy-
-been married for over 9 months (hollar!)-
-learned lots of DIY stuff-
-got lots of iPad paintings from hubs that i adore-
-hunted high & low for a new job (that'd id actually semi-want)-

lots of other stuff that would make this list much longer!

oh, how i miss these boots. found 'em at AMI Clubwear... a place with (some) trashy clothes, but cheap shoes & accessories - BAM!!!
sad though, i can't find them. they were like $10 dolla-dolla. and i wore the bottoms out of em'...literally. husband made me throw 'em away. no, really. they were real bad though... and i think i had already thrown 'em in the trash & then got them back out. :) he really does try to keep my hygiene in check (it can lack at times because sometimes... i get layzay!).

and our shoesies.

our matching tux shirts. 
our engagement pictures were the funnest!
my shoes from a church drive & FREEBIES!

now for a family reunion!
hope your saturday is WOWOWONDERFUL!

loves & blessings, 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


i'm so excited that tomorrow is friday!
not because, "oh, this week has taken forever..." NO. not that at all!


2. family reunion is this weekend

(okay, okay...mostly pagliai's)! 
i kid...kinda.
BUT i do love seeing this family, for real!

jessica hartwick photography.

here is where we shall depart! i will leave you with a 
THANK YOU (and a wedding picture). 
thanks for all your prayers for me while i start my new job. i know they have helped!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hola, lovies.

hey, hey!

looks like i will be squeezing in posts here & there as time allows because...


i started a NEW job today -- BOOYAAAH

so, don't give up on me! i'll still be around with this smiling face... just a little less perhaps!

oh yeah... did i mention after this month ONLY 17.5 hours of massage clinical left!? 

holleeer. balleeer.

so...i shall leave you with yet ANOTHER engagement picture! ohhh, how i think my husband just looks SO darn cute AMAZING here. seriously
oh. and... i so MISS NEED those boots BACK

but since i can't dig through the dumpster & find them, i have my eyes on THESE bad boys...
i'll post more about how they just may or may not be on my Christmas 'list'...later, of course. 

for now, joining the hubs to get some sleep before another (second) day at the new job!

the girls i work with here seem SO amazing & sweet. and genuinely caring. it's quite lovely, really!


PS, prayers are APPRECIATED as this is yet another big step/change for me! :) 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

clear scalp & hair care review!

okay! the reason that i was even going to post this is because i did not like this product. boo. but now that i am looking, i think that i am using the 'wrong' one... 

they're like $4 or $5 at wal-mart...something like that & i had a $2 off coupon, i think? 
or atleast try the right one, jacie.

i tried the one on the far right:
now, everywhere that i look, i see it advertised with black people... not to say that white people can't use it, but i wonder if the gold bottles are for much more brittle & dry hair or something? i don't you? please HELP if you do know...

anyways, for me... i do not like it... at all. it's not me trying to complain, either... it's just giving you an honest 'review' of the product... but ONLY the balm... i only assume that the shampoo & conditioner would be just fine...

the reason i'm not a huge fan is because it makes your hair completely oily feeling/looking/etc. and i guess my first hint should have been the word 'balm'. ugh. silly jacie -- PAY MORE ATTENTION! but i didn't, so here we are! 

it is SO hard to put on... so thick... and maybe it's because i have thin, fine hair, but it almost pulled & i couldn't get anywhere with it. i massaged it in as best i could (trying to just hit my scalp at first), but just couldn't control it... too tough. 
i just got annoyed. 

so for me... i will not be purchasing it again... 

maybe if they have another coupon sometime, i'll try the shampoo & conditioner, but until then... i'm stuck trying to give this away to a friend to try & see if they like it! any takers? :)

i HAVE heard TONS OF GOOD THINGS, though... 
so that's partially why i think i picked the wrong one... sad face.


petunia pickle bottom GIVEAWAY!

have you guys ever heard of petunia pickle bottom? i hadn't until i entered the blogger world, but boy, oh boy, do i lololove it! 

so cute.

so, our friend, candice, from Brunch with Munch, is doing a Petunia Pickle Bottom giveaway for a cute, little Powder Room Case! i love it. isn't that awesome?

all you have to do is go HERE & read up on the 'entries'!

as for me, THIS one is my favorite!
xs & os,

happy saturday!

i hope that you all are having a fantastic weekend!

adam & jacie

Friday, July 20, 2012


hey you guys! 

i have 87 sales at my etsy shop, JACELAND!

i need your help to get to 100 by the end of the month! :)
in order to do so, i'm offering 15% off your entire purchase until i get to 100!
use code SUNSHINE15

this doesn't mean that YOU have to buy something, but if you could help me spread the word, i'd be very VERY grateful! 

ways YOU could help:
***buy something***
***say a prayer***
***repost this to your blog***
***offer my site to someone else looking for a gift***
***other stuff i can't think of***

just look at all the goodies you could get! :)

so, if you would do me a solid & repost this, i'd be SO SO grateful!
if you do, let me know & i will give you an additional, separate discount code! :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

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