Saturday, July 14, 2012

this reminds me...

of husband & i when we first met...

***forgive my terrible photoshop... i was photoshopping some acne out & messed up my eyebrows, but too lazy to fix it at 1 a.m. :) ***

well... this was well after we first met, but it was an 'earlier' picture of us, i'd say... :) he was picking me up from the airport... first time i'd seen him in his adorable glasses & i didn't even realize it... and he brought me a daisy which he probably picked at the airport somewhere! :) love this man... 

this was before we got home to my microwave being full of maggots... yeah, you'll want to hear that story... YEOW.

and sometimes we send pictures like this to each other... just to say 'i love you' without saying 'i love you'... people might think it's juvenile, but who cares... you & your husband do what you are your husband do... :)

i'm just sitting here, getting a bunch of MY ETSY work done before a review i have on monday at Mommy's Craft Obsession... and husband is playing in a basketball tournament tomorrow, so he's already sleeping... i put a blanket on him & tucked him in a bit (still out in the living room beeteedubs) & just sighed at how lucky i am to have this man. it's amazing... the simple moments like this are the ones that make my heart the happiest... hearing him sleep...i don't know... he's just amazing & God blessed me with him.

so, a gentle reminder to tell your hubs that he's important...and sure, there's times that you both take each other for grantid, but remind them how important they are to you!

going to cuddle with hubs now, 

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